The Monday Music Medicine Show – THE 42

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Welcome to the Monday Music Medicine Show!

Sometimes I have so many different things I’d like to put up here that I end up with the dilemma of having to choose. This was the exact place I was in when I did the 25 songs 25 days challenge. It is literally 25 posts… But as I think back on that experience, I wonder if something had not been left out. Yes, in fact, there was.

It was hard enough for me to choose my favorite song. In truth, it was just one of my favorite songs. All the music I listen to is my favorite at the moment I’m listening to it. So when I reached the that question,  I made a list. With great interest I found that the list was 42 songs in length.

If you don’t know the significance of the number 42, and if you think you do, but you don’t remember that the one thing you should always have with you is a towel, then you don’t know the significance, at least from my point of view.

The second list, actually, belonged to the question of songs I never get tired of listening to, and can, in fact, listen to them all day and night long.

I tried to find them all on Youtube, but alas, and alac, some were not doable. By that I mean, there are some snippets of songs which fit into that category. I went and made an audio recording, but came to find out that I cannot put an audio up on my site. Thus, I have no real way of presenting them to you. Of course, with time, and patience, I could make my own youtube recording, and put it up, and then you’d see to what I never get tired of listening. I’ll begin working on it, but in the mean time, since I actually did say I would post all of THE 42, I’ll begin here, and over the next 42 Mondays (oh my, that 10 weeks short of a year!) Well, at least you’ll get to see my stick-to-it-tiveness, along with me.

SO, in no particular order, I give to you the FIRST of THE 42.

So my beautiful Monday Music Medicine Show friends, do you have a favorite song, or would you have to make a list because one song does not outshine all the others you love? Which ever way it is in your musical life, you know I want to hear it! Share it there (your own blog with a ping back), or share it here.

BYOM and  remember: It Don’t Mean A Thing If You Don’t Send That


Music is the Medicine in my Soul and I hope yours is as healing and nurturing as mine!

Singing Smiley


Mundane Monday #35 – A Mazing

Pho Trablogger brings us another chance to look at what we may see everyday, and possibly take for granted, in a new way, and find the beauty in it.

I have had a few occasions to grab my camera, one of those times was to capture this unique rock.


 It has been in my family for as long as I can remember. I am thinking it was found on a beach, or something like that. I really love the intricate maze it produces.  We call it the brain rock.


The Sandbox Writing Challenge 16 – Is Seeing Really Believing?

The Sandbox Writing Challenge 16 – Crystal Ball poses the question:

If you could foresee one accomplishment in your future, what would you like it to be?

Right away when I saw the words Crystal Ball, I thought the question would be about what situation would I like to see how it ‘worked’ out.

Case in point, Mr. Quantum suggested, day before yesterday, to include the current dilemma, which we affectionately call, “In Search of Thanksgiving” (thank you JoHanna Massey for liking WHAT’S THAT SMELL blog post of 17 April… )

Sitting here one day post Thanksgiving, it didn’t in fact work out. With my penchant for half-assed attempts at planning the greatest meal ever had, we instead ended up ordering in Chinese because nobody, anywhere (aka restaurants) were willing to make our dreams come true. I won’t go into the fact that even the Chinese dinner was a mess up.

But in all seriousness, I give you my actual thoughts: I took out a part above which basically points out the flaw in my first thought that comes to mind, habit. If I knew how a journey I’m about to take would turn out, it would save me the trouble of making the decision to do it in the first place, knowing the outcome. You can see how convoluted that is, when what I actually need to do is keep it simple.

Bringing it down to what is most simple, the answer to the question posed by Calen at Impromptu Promptlings for the Sandbox Writing Challenge, is that I could say, to have learned the lessons I have been given in this lifetime. It may sound like more than one accomplishment, but if you consider that while life is made up of many aspects, it’s still ONE life, and from its beginning to its end spent within this physical body, it’s one continuous flow. Thus, learning the lessons is one major accomplishment.

I may feel that I keep making wrong decisions, but I believe that each direction brings us to places which help us to forge learning, one way or another.


The Monday Music Medicine Show – Special Edition

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Welcome to the Monday Medicine Show!

This week, three days from today, those in this country will be celebrating Thanksgiving. Now if you were me, the music synonymous with Thanksgiving would be a song which tells a great story. And in the 2nd decade of my life, this is the story which I listened to every Thanksgiving, and it has become a tradition.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Happy Thanksgiving, if you celebrate it, or Happy Thursday, when you get there, and most important, Happy Monday Music Medicine Show.

So my beautiful Monday Music Medicine Show friends, when it comes to Thanksgiving, regardless of where you’re living, or when you have a day to give thanks, what comes to mind? You know I want to hear it! Share it there (your own blog with a ping back), or share it here.

BYOM and  remember: It Don’t Mean A Thing If You Don’t Send That PING!

Music is the Medicine in my Soul and I hope yours is as healing and nurturing as mine!

Singing Smiley

Mundane Monday #34

This would have been last week’s photo had I been able to  navigate the new and improved (?) WP format. That was so yesterday, last week. Without further ado, this is today’s Mundane Monday:

Pho Trablogger’s Mundane Monday 34 brings another chance to play with pictures. While I’m still learning the how and to of working with my camera, I’m fining some rather fascinating results, which are not always what I meant, or hoped for, but none the less seem interesting.


What is seen is the setting sun’s reflecting the shadow of trees behind me, outside the front window.  When we looked at it through the cam’s viewer, it appeared as a split image. as if there were two pictures merging. Almost an inversion – polarization, if you will. The right side is the wall, and the darker, left side is the end of a bookcase, also with the color dappling upon the wood grain. At the far left, where it seems the light has flashed greater color on the wood, is actually the drapes beyond the bookcase.

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