The Sandbox Writing Challenge – When Garbage Become Treasure

THE QUESTION: If you could, what parts of yourself would you throw out?

Throw something out? This is what we’re asked in this week’s Sandbox Writing Challenge sent to us from Impromptu Promptlings, by Lady Calen. Though it’s not just anything. It’s what part of our own selves would we chuck?

Well, I’ve already done that way back in the Ice Age of my life. But now I’m working on retrieving it, so maybe the next question will be, how to reincarnate that which we swept beneath our rugs, put into the garbage disposal… you get the picture.

But let’s be honest, I threw that out when I was young and foolish. Now, being old and foolish, I might have tossed something other, given the chance. Well, it could happen.

Still, let’s take a look at my track record of throwing things out. I can’t, won’t, don’t. I wouldn’t classify myself as a hoarder – yet. But I’m loathe to sort through things and drop them into the big trash can outside our house. In fact, I came across a post a few weeks ago, which presented a guide book – of sorts – on the how to of doing it.

Here’s something interesting. I don’t have a problem throwing other people’s things out. I could work for people disposing of their unwanted, yet difficult to get rid of items.

Oh, you noticed that I’m avoiding this question, did you? HA! You’re right. I think, it might be connected to the fact that I find value in all parts of myself. Even if they are parts which may not be needed. But who am I to say if something is, or isn’t needed. I’m serious. I’m a terrible judge of stuff like that. It’s that kind of thing where I’d throw out the baby, and keep the bath water. See what I’m saying? The key word in the problem is deciding, with a capital D that rhymes with T and stands for Tool.

We need tools to work through these excavations. What if we throw out something that down the line we realize, oh, wow, I needed that? Example:  I’m playing a game (My Singing Monsters), and there’s places in the game where you are get the opportunity to ‘box’ something – which is equal to throwing it away. Well, the minute you click on that option, a warning pops up and says, once you do this, the process if irreversible. It makes you think twice. What if I throw out something – let’s say, fear – but I find out that it was given to me to learn an important lesson, to meet a very important challenge in my life?

Without it, I might be ‘cutting off my nose, to spite my face.’  What if what I’d consider throwing out is something that was from a ‘pre-birth planning’ session, but being incarnate, I’ve lost the ability to know that? Then there’d be something I could no longer learn from.

Yeah, I know, I could come up with a million other reasons why throwing a part of me out isn’t wise. But I think I’m onto something here. It’s too easy to consider throwing out that which feels like a thorn in my side. But that thorn may be an integral part of my inner journey, a reminder of something of which I’ll come to understand it’s need further down the road in my Earth Walk.

So, no, there isn’t anything I’d want to throw out. What I want to do is to mend it, fix what is broken about it and make it a useful part of that which is Fim.