Did You Know?

At this moment:


One year ago today, I posted this:

“in a new year, where the possibilities are endless, why not take a chance on word play…”

I was, truly:

Two days later, in answer to my 2nd prompt, these words wended their way into my new journey:

“What first came to mind, when I read the “who am I?” part was, “I am I, Don Quixote…” but I’m not, even if I do stand, sword in hand, before the impenetrable monoliths of life, exacting my due from imaginary foes. I can say that I am many things at many times, to many people; okay: one thing, at one time, to one person; the one looking back at me through, what someone dear to me calls ‘The Looking Glass.’ But I’m not going to fall for that; not falling down THAT rabbit hole. Oh no. I’m standing my ground, staking my claim. I am a blogger! There, I’ve said it.

Now about that, “why am I here?” part: It was the new year, different from the last because I had clicked that button. I had not done that last year. I’d stayed on course. But it beckoned to me, like a swarthy Adonis, with that come hither smile that only the word ‘REGISTER’ has. Daring me. So here I am.”

To say the least, it became:

As I look back, my heart sings:

But I can say “without exception…”

Fear not, it is not THE END,


This new year I will be doing something like this:

Rock The Casbah

This year Quantum Hermit will be saying:


We made it through the year!

You know what that means?

We Are The Champions

Thank you for all of your love and support

which deserves its own song:
Thank you falletin me be mice elf again:

I know most of you only have seen bits and pieces of the story. The whole journey through Blogging 101, and 2 minutes of Blogging 201 – when I lost internet for a month, on into Writing 101, and finding my way over to a 30 day writing challenge, at Story A Day, in May, and the earlier beginnings of The Monday Music Medicine Show, through the 25 Days, 25 Songs challenge. The latter part of the year, I began realizing what was the driving force of the Quantum Hermit engine. But I have also found quite excellent other challenges.

Perhaps the greatest part was finding and meeting and getting to know all of you fine folks. The world of commentary is one of the core elements for bloggers, both in receiving, as well as in giving. A great depth of stories can be found in the conversations between those who visit and those whom they visit.

Here’s to Blogging and those who make it sticking with it worthwhile and possible.

I look forward to my second year, no longer that absolute beginner, but not quite a seasoned veteran.

Wrapping up the first year, and heading into the new, I leave you with this:

Mundane Monday #40

IMG_0263I’m happy to be back on track with my challenges, and Pho Trablogger continues to urge us to explore and find the beauty in the mundane.

Today’s offering is something which sits just beyond my computer screen, giving the sense of rain – if you’re in my head. When I lived in Texas, we had very intense storms, and in some the rain was quite a bit like a waterfall.

This is not a new item. I always saw it as a child in my grandmother’s house. Decades later, it’s mine, and still graces the same lamp.