The Sandbox Writing Challenge – The Other

Standing here, in the sandbox, I consider what the lovely Impromptu Promptlings┬áLady Calen has presented for this week’s challenge.

What have you done that no one knows about?

A very interesting question. So many answers would actually seem benign. For instance, one day when I was working for the Parapsychology Foundation, I was leaving the bagel shop where I went every morning, just before heading to the office. As I departed, a young woman approached me, asking for money – panhandling. Now I’ve given money, while stopped at a light, when one of the street people came and washed my window for a few ‘bits’ – whatever one can spare. But I was never in the habit of just giving money to someone on the street. I didn’t know if they were really hungry, as this woman claimed, or if they wanted cash to buy drugs. What I did was to invite her into the bagel shop and bought her breakfast. I was assured the money was being spent on what it was asked for.

But that is not a secret. It just is how I was and am.

So, what is the juicy dirt on me? I would imagine that is how the question was meant. Or perhaps what I think it means. I’ve always thought of my life as an open book. I’ve certainly shared a great deal of my personal story, in the pages of my blog. Still, there are a few things I’ve never mentioned.

I have an alter ego into whom I slip when I can’t take being inside myself any more. I can feel the shift, and it is rather seemless. One minute I’m the me who doesn’t want to live here anymore, and the next, I’m a daring do other, full of a sense of self that I don’t have. It’s who I imagine I might have been were I born into a different body. Then the shift back happens when I have to be present and accounted for.

That’s probably no surprise, now that I think of it. But it’s the best I can come up with. Let’s just call it brain fog.