The Sandbox Writing Challenge 26: Whispers of the Past

What fun Lady Calen, from Impromptu Promptlings has for us this week in the Sandbox Writing Challenge. We were each given an ancient text to study, search for meaning; a message just for me is hidden in this ancient writing…

I sat with it, allowing my intuitive self to reach out (dare I say, with the “force” ? :D) and after some time, I saw it. Here is the message:

The winged ones come from the East,
Keen of eye, to seek a sumptuous feast.
Turning to the Southern teir,
Fire urges action here.
Where water flows in from the west,
emotion plays at our behest
Mother Earth provides for needs
As the wheel turns, plant more seeds.

This reminded me of a video I produced for a post I’d made not quite two years ago.