The Sandbox Writing Challenge 27 — Sweet Surrender

This week in the playground Sandbox, the writing challenge, brought to us by Lady Calen over at Impromptu Promptlings, is about to what in our past we still cling. That is the question: What are you holding onto from the past?

An interesting question. Over the last day or so, I’ve realized that I’m actually living more in the moment than I realized. Now I’d like to think it is possible that I’ve managed a feat here, but it is more likely my other theory which holds water: When you reach this age, it’s difficult to hold on to a past you no longer remember. So every day is new. There is no past to which I am bound.

Of course, here is what looks like ‘the rub.’ I have boxes and boxes of stuff I still have not unpacked from our move in 2014. But that isn’t about not being able to let go. That is pure unadulterated laziness on my part. I’m also not saying there aren’t things that I’ve held on to. But I’m finding that I’m letting go quite well, as I have begun to dump the things which were left unsorted.

I began to notice this change when I was working on The Castle of the Pearl journal. I found it rather interesting that other than my parents and brother, there wasn’t anyone from my past I thought about inviting. And even thinking back to just a year or so ago, when I belonged to a very special group online, which has since disbanded. At the time I’d heard about it happening, I had pause to wonder how I’d go on without them, but it seems, I’ve gotten along rather well. It is the people who are in my here and now which I concentrate upon.

“Be Here Now” a book I once owned, says it all.


Mundane Monday #46 – Seeing dots

Today, is not Monday, nor mundane, but I do have a photo for Pho Trablogger’s Mundane Monday’s photo challenge.


Leaf Acne?

Probably not so much, though it brings dis-ease.