The Sandbox Writing Challenge 27 — Sweet Surrender

This week in the playground Sandbox, the writing challenge, brought to us by Lady Calen over at Impromptu Promptlings, is about to what in our past we still cling. That is the question: What are you holding onto from the past?

An interesting question. Over the last day or so, I’ve realized that I’m actually living more in the moment than I realized. Now I’d like to think it is possible that I’ve managed a feat here, but it is more likely my other theory which holds water: When you reach this age, it’s difficult to hold on to a past you no longer remember. So every day is new. There is no past to which I am bound.

Of course, here is what looks like ‘the rub.’ I have boxes and boxes of stuff I still have not unpacked from our move in 2014. But that isn’t about not being able to let go. That is pure unadulterated laziness on my part. I’m also not saying there aren’t things that I’ve held on to. But I’m finding that I’m letting go quite well, as I have begun to dump the things which were left unsorted.

I began to notice this change when I was working on The Castle of the Pearl journal. I found it rather interesting that other than my parents and brother, there wasn’t anyone from my past I thought about inviting. And even thinking back to just a year or so ago, when I belonged to a very special group online, which has since disbanded. At the time I’d heard about it happening, I had pause to wonder how I’d go on without them, but it seems, I’ve gotten along rather well. It is the people who are in my here and now which I concentrate upon.

“Be Here Now” a book I once owned, says it all.


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  1. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature
    Feb 17, 2016 @ 22:40:36

    The first 2 paragraphs cracked me up, Fim. You are so funny, and you write so well. Then the last paragraph got me really curious about the Castle of the Pearl journal and also how important it is to Be Here Now. Love Ram Dass. Yes, every day is new. Great post. Thanks.

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    • Fimnora Westcaw
      Feb 18, 2016 @ 14:14:41

      Thank you, Mary, for your very kind words!
      The Castle of the Pearl was a ‘workbook’ I’d gotten decades ago, and have come across it again, this year (a copy of it which I’d given to Mr. Quantum before we married). It’s still blank, lucky me, as I can use it again. It’s a fascinating journey, and while I know the original is still in my belongings, I don’t know where specifically. After I finish this one, I’ll search for it because it will show me how I’ve changed. I already know I’ve done one part differently. I am not certain my 30 year old self would have interpreted it the way my wacky 65 year old self seems to have. I’m giving full reign to my muse, and seeing where the words fly in from. 🙂

      The book, from what I’ve discovered, is no longer in print, but I think there are some available in the market place at Amazon. I’ve decided to work on this one in a different medium so that it will still be ‘untouched’ when I come across it in twenty years 🙂

      Love and Blessings!

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  2. calensariel
    Feb 17, 2016 @ 23:55:46

    Ooo! Argh… You reminded me of something Drollery and I are holding on to. Now I have to write about TWO things. But that’s ok because one’s positive and one’s negative. You made me smile, though. Heck, we can spend four hours talking on Monday and forget what we said and repeat it all on Thursday! No wonder it takes us four hours to have a conversation! LOL

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  4. Soul Gifts
    Feb 18, 2016 @ 05:29:21

    Reminds me of a joke I read today – nothing to do with the challenge but it was really funny. Advances in fertility treatment have enabled older women to have babies. A friend was visiting her 60yo neighbour who had just come home from having a baby. They sat and chatted for half an hour, then she asked if she could see the baby. No, not yet, she was told. This was repeated several times. Finally, exasperated, she asked why she couldn’t see the baby. Her friend said she had to wait for it to start crying because she couldn’t remember where she had put it 🙂 just thought I’d share………..

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  5. JoHanna Massey
    Feb 18, 2016 @ 08:55:22

    A delightful post. Laughing out loud at “it’s difficult to hold on to a past you no longer remember. So every day is new. There is no past to which I am bound.”
    So true. I have realized that most of my big shift to being a forgiving and oh so zen peaceful person has less to do with enlightenment and more to do with an aging memory that can’t quite hold onto what the fuss was about.

    Great post. Thank you.

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  6. Fimnora Westcaw
    Feb 18, 2016 @ 14:23:06

    Thank you, JoHanna! And exactly @ the memory (or lack there of) being a rather helpful agent of mindfulness 🙂 Plus there is a bit of OCD (or something) associated with watching each step I make, every breath I take. Who knew the benefits of things I previously thought of as a hindrance?



  7. calensariel
    Feb 18, 2016 @ 15:45:25

    Hey! Left you an email. See you about 2:20-2:30?



  8. badfish
    Feb 19, 2016 @ 01:22:04

    I like to think I’m in the here and now. Actually I am. Because I can’t remember yesterday. Really. ADD? Age? Don’t give a damn? However, I do hold on to one thing, it’s more a grudge. It’s not a nice thing, so I won’t say what. But it pisses me off. They say forgiving is good for you. Screw them.
    And you’re right about the people in your here and now. And your hermit crabs in your now.

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  9. Fimnora Westcaw
    Feb 19, 2016 @ 12:22:02

    Grudges have their places, as long as they don’t become toxic… PLUS, for me at least, when the person I’m holding a grudge against has either, 1) left my circle, or 2) left this world, then I can release the grudge. Though I have to say, even grudges, or the reason for it, tends to fade with time, age, and Fim doesn’t live here anymore.



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