The Sandbox Writing Challenge #29 – It’s A Kind Of Magic

This week hands us the keys to the Magical Mystery Tour Bus over in The Sandbox Writing Challenge 29, hosted by Impromptu Promptlings, where Lady Calen asks the question:

What Makes Life Magical?

Well, that’s not hard to figure out. Okay, so I did have to think about it; not so much the what but the how to put it.  See, writing is one of the magical aspects of living. Creativity is magical, when you see what comes out of it.

For instance, I have been taking part in an ‘art challenge’ for like ever… that would be for the last several years actually, but before that, I’d been in other places (chat places) where I’d spend my time painting avatars for people, in a paint shop. That was not just fun, but a very magical process.


This is one of the more recent paints I did, from last year.

More magical is being adopted by beautiful fur people:


And OMGOSH, music! It’s definitely medicine for my Soul.
It’s a kind of Magic:

A drop in the bucket of the magic of music:


The Magic of Life:

Being part of this amazing world of Nature, reigns supreme in the halls of Magic. You can’t beat a day spent out in the embrace of The Mother for magic.

And being touched by the words and passions of people in places, just like this – how magical is it that we can be touched by people from all around the world, on one little screen?

Magical contact

And the mostest magic for me is my family

There’s Mr. Quantum – who has made life magic for me for 19 years, thus far. We’re looking at, at least 50 more years of magical togetherness, which would make us *counting on fingers* 116 and 118 respectively, and that is just THIS life time. All of our lifetimes together I’m sure have been equally magical.

QuantumHermit Tan An

Then there’s Cappie, the sock monkey, who turns three this year, and has made life as much fun as a… well, as a barrel of monkeys LOL Have you ever watched tv with a sock monkey. Let me tell you, there’s big magic in that experience. He absolutely keeps us ROTFL!

cappy 1

This is the magical movie where I first realized I just HAD to have a sock monkey in my life:

Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium: THE WONDER OF MOVIES

Of course, the magic of movies and television, especially coming from the time before the magic of in home movie theaters. I remember, back in the 70s when I’d wish I could have a personal movie theater. Of course, then I imagined a big elegant theater, just like the:

Lowes interior color
Valencia interior color

But obviously that was bigger than my house. I couldn’t imagine how that would happen. One day, however, back in the 1980s, I met a young man, and he had a machine. I was called a video cassette recorder! My dream of having a movie theater had come true.

I’m sure this is just the tip of the iceberg of what makes life magical.

I leave you with a To Be Continued, as the next question deserves a post all its own.