The Sandbox Writing Challenge #33 – Sustenance

This week’s Sandbox Writing Challenge, coming to us from Lady Calen’s delightful home, Impromptu Promptlings, poses the question, what do you hunger for?

“And we’re not just talking about food here,” Calen explains. “What is there in your life that you feel you need to sustain you, or would help to sustain you — it may just be wishful thinking, but identifying that need is a crucial, pivotal point in our dreams and desires.”

I’m really glad we’re not talking food here, because I have to say that is the last thing I hunger for on any day.

But what do I need to sustain me?

I could take the easy way out, and just put this up:

Though, I wouldn’t go as far as to say:

The second tune no longer describes how I am navigating this human experience.

I thought about it at length. It’s a very serious question. Do I already have it, or is it something for which I continue to seek? I consider the idea of what it is I feel I’m missing, to give me a clue.

Some would think that it’s fairly simple to answer. But I believe this is something which is core, and I’m not always in touch with my core. In fact it is something which I’d do a reading on.

Using the GAIAN APP, I drew four cards.

In the NOW position, I got The Elder of Air


The Elder of Air shows me how to experience communion with the Great Mystery, through worship, praise, or meditation. This is a time for making decisions. Through this Elder, I’m offered the gift of inspiration, balance and clarity.

Initially, as I always do when faced with this Kwai Chang Caine like character, I *sigh deeply* because I know it’s not going to be as simple as a voice whispering in my ear, “Go to the Interstate, Ben Stone.” This is the kind of card one spends time pondering. Reflecting, Contemplating, Meditating on the great inner path questions, is pretty much how I’d define where I am on my Spiritual timeline. It simply reminds me that this great inner journey is what I hunger for… to remain steadfast, and consistent on my path, while accepting the ups and downs of my Earthwalk.

In the HELPFUL ACTIONS position, I drew the Justice (11 Major) card.


I was just saying the other day how, there are cards in my deck which always present a blank slate, as if I’m the one with the answers… DUH, of course! Isn’t that what this is all about. Finding out for myself. It’s about seeking MY way to enlightenment. I do believe each of us has our own specific way.

All of that said, of what, in the world, is Justice telling me with regard to my question about what I hunger for, and more to the point, just what helpful actions does Justice suggest?

Let me tell you about my experience with this lovely little card in all the decks I’ve used thus far. Blank Slate Universe. Sure, Justice represents some of the concrete world answers, but this particular hunger is not about the mundane.

One day, after receiving this card as a theme for the day for what seemed like forever, I get another card which so totally explains what it’s all about, Alfie.


It’s the Five of Earth,

and I finally can see how to connect the dots. It’s about the path I’ve been following for many, many decades, perhaps even lifetimes. It’s the path of respecting, but more precisely, understanding the plight of brother and sister beings; the opposite of how our species has pretty much acted toward the other species with whom we share the planet.

It seems to me, that helpful actions is about keeping on doing what I’ve always done. I’m already there. Have I acted with unfailing integrity in this part of living? I believe yes, and this simply says, ‘atta girl, keep up the good work.’ It’s an affirmation.

In the WHAT TO AVOID position, ACE of Fire showed up.


I frown at this card, because I LOVE it. So much so that it was key in a video I made. Sitting and thinking about what I should avoid here? Perhaps a reversal reading would suit this. Then it makes sense. For instance, I should avoid squelching the creative passionate energy that wants to come forth. Also, to not buy into my fear of change, and stop myself from moving forward, which this year is all about, anyway.

This actually is challenging me to find the courage within to go ahead with my transformation. Could I come out of my shell any further?


In the LIKELY OUTCOME position, was the Seven of Earth.


Okay, now this is more like it! I SO get this card. Here, I have the Seven shining a light directly on my inner work rather than all the outer stuff. The Earth element, while generally referring to life experiences of our continuing growth in daily life, also spotlights that realm within where we begin to live mindfully. The Seven of Earth as likely outcome is that I will more fully Commune with the Green Ones!

You might be thinking, didn’t I already know this? Sure, on the subsconscious level, more than the conscious, since, were I more connected to working at walking my path, I’d have said right off the bat, when asked, What I hunger for, is to live more authentically. It’s been something I’ve been aware I want to do more often, like always. But it’s not as simple as it sounds. Something is a hunger because I’m not getting enough of what it is I hunger for, so I have to be reminded to go eat, already.

*rolls eyes*

The reading points directly that my outcome,  simply speaks more eloquently than my round about, maze-like scramblings:  Setting a goal for myself which involves long-term planning on a practical level (aka, what does my path look like?). But also, understanding that it is better to be content to know that I am working slowly, and steadily toward my goal.

Follow the way of the WHEEL. It’s a Never Ending Story.