A to Z Challenge – More Than Zero

Day 26

April 30 2016

The Zone Letter: Z


In the world of literature and movies there has been a huge uprising of morphing characters from the likes of vampires, warewoves, and other monsters, not to mention Terminators. All very interesting. But what if a person could shape shift – male to female, and back again – or vice versa? Regardless of anything else, it certainly would give us all a better way to understanding the opposite sex.

Zerophilia is such a movie; a 2005 romantic comedy film with speculative-fiction elements directed by Academy of Motion Pictures’ Student Academy Award-winning director Martin Curland and produced by Microangelo Entertainment. It is about a young man who discovers that he has a genetic condition which will cause a change of sex following each orgasm.

I came across this movie through Netflix. It is likely it came to my attention because of an actor, Kyle Schmid. I first saw him in a vampire movie, “Blood Ties.”

So when Calen wrote about the alternate universe idea, of what if we were able to write the story of us in an alternate universe, my thoughts turned to, what if I’d been born male?

Obviously it will take a far greater amount of time and space to get into that speculation, but I found the idea exceedingly appealing.



Movie Information – Wikipedia


A to Z Challenge – Youngers in Long Riders

Day 25

April 29, 2016

The Younger Letter: Y

The Younger Brothers and the James Gang

For some of us – and I am one of them – there’s something seductively exciting about a ‘bad boy.’ Who’s to know what it is which draws us to that enigmatic kind of person.

I don’t remember exactly when I found the stories of The James Gang appealing. I do, however, remember that one movie made it a full blown desire to know more.

Long Riders

In “The Long Riders” this group of “Wild Wood Boys” not only brought the story to light, but one of the main things I thoroughly appreciated was that the casting was brilliant.

In a world of outlaws, it seemed that it often became a family affair.

The James Gang was led by Jesse James, and his brother Frank James. Their cronies in crime were the Younger Brothers, Cole Younger, Jim Younger, and Bob Younger. Two other brothers were also a main part of this train and bank robbing group: Clell and Ed Miller. On the outside, wanting to get in, were Charlie and Bob Ford, who never made the cut, but whose part in this story was still a major role in how it all ended up.

James Gang Cast

The idea of ‘crime’ families is not new, and more than likely didn’t begin with the likes of The James Gang. But what I found compelling is the casting of actual real life brothers in the parts.

Jesse and Frank James were played by James and Stacy Keach

Cole, Jim and Bob Younger were played by David, Keith, and Robert Carradine.

Clell and Ed Miller were played by Randy and Dennis Quaid.

And the Ford brothers were played by: Christopher and Nicolas Guest.

This made the relationships within each family and between the characters feel more real.

It also has a most excellent soundtrack, by Ry Cooder!

Here are two samples:




A to Z Challenge – Puzzling

Day 24

April 28, 2016

The X-Files Letter: X

X Marks The Spot

I’ve always been a puzzle enthusiast. The idea of a scavenger hunt, or a treasure hunt is tantalizing. That’s why I’ve fallen in love with a type of game which I refer to as a HOG – Hidden Object Games.

I can spend hours just sitting and searching through scenes to find the items in the list of objects. The graphics are all so beautiful, and if you find the right kind, you can return to a room over and over and the items will be in different places each time.

So, what would a treasure hunt look like here in our blogging community? There’s always a reward. What would be a good reward for people?

I’m thinking, a poll might be in order.

Question: What would be a good reward for the winner(s) of the treasure hunt?

Please enter your answers in the comments section below.

The next step will be announced on Monday 5/2/16



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A to Z Challenge – Wonderful World of Dance

Day 23

April 27, 2016

The Winsome Letter: W

West Side Story

When I was a young girl, my family had a tradition for birthdays; dinner and a movie – sounds like a date to me. When I was turning thirteen – a real teenager, no longer pre-teen – I wanted to go see a movie called Diamond Head. Movies at that time had an increase from fifty cents, to ninty nine cents. But, hey, their daughter was worth it.

Anyway, it was at the amazing Valencia theater on Jamaica Man Avenue – where, upon the stage, beneath the screen, I’d be walking across to receive my JHS diploma in one year. But that’s not the point. Great theater, great movie. But wait! The lines! They were out the door and around the block! How could that be? On my birthday, I don’t get to see my chosen movie? My heart was breaking. Turning around I look at the RKO theater right across the street where some other movie was playing, and very few people were waiting to get in to see that film. I grudgingly agreed to go see that one instead.

Of course, I couldn’t know, in that moment, that this other movie would change my life – or at least make that coming of age birthday a whole lot better!

The movie begins with an overture, against the backdrop of an abstract painting of the skyline of New York City – my very own home town – in colors, one morphing into another.

 It’s like a little taste treats from most of the great tune in the picture. Leonard Bernstein wrote this wonderful soundtrack’s music, and Stephen Sondheim gave us the words for the different numbers.

The story centers around two rival gangs, The Jets and The Sharks.

Of course, at the core of this are two young lovers – think Romeo and Juliet since this is a contemporary telling of that story – Tony and Maria, who meet at the dance at the gym.

This is an obvious no-no for both sides which leads to all manner of trouble and becomes just another reason for the two gangs to get into a more serious rumble arena.

After the dance and after it is agreed upon to meet for a war council, The Sharks take to the rooftops to burn off their anger with their girlfriends.

Before the meeting at Doc’s Candy Store, we get to see how the Jets use comic relief to cool their heels.

At the war council, the time and place are set and the two representatives are chosen to fight. The night leading up to the rumble gives us glimpses into the moments of everyone involved.

What Bernardo believes is his chance to get back at Tony, turns out very different.

What started out as a fist fight turned into something not at all COOL:

We all know how Romeo and Juliet end up. West Side Story rewrites this:

What we don’t get to see after Maria collapses is that members from both gangs help to carry Tony’s body away. When Juliet lives, it seems, at least for a moment, that both sides begin to learn to put aside grievences in the wake of so much loss. Perhaps the world can learn something from rewriting a classic.

For me, West Side Story was the best movie I’d ever seen. This evidence is in the 40 times I went to see the movie over the years, until I found in Future World, the advent of the VCR would allow one of my dreams – to have a movie theater in my own home – to come to fruition.

West Side Story pushed me to pursue dancing in an effort to follow another dream I had then. I even tried out for the High School of Performing Arts (the venue where “Fame” took place). While I didn’t make the cut, I never stopped dancing, and I continue to hold West Side Story as truly one of my favorite ever movies.



A to Z Challenge – FANGS

Day 22

April 26, 2016

The Variable Letter: V


Male Vampire

Of all the movie ‘monsters,’ the creatures I love the most are the vampires. I imagine it is all about immortality, but also not growing older, either. I can remember some of the movies in days of yore which featured vampires, though most of what I love are more ‘contemporary.’




Watching the movie, “Lost Boys” over and over again comes to mind, after seeing it for the first time.






While vampires generally are considered bad, evil, and a scourage on society, I’ve found my favorite blood sucker in a four hundred plus year old, once Conquistador, whose Sire brought him and a, then, sworn enemy across together, charging them with the duty of protecting innocents.






So many vampire stories abound, and I have read and seen movies and television series on as many as I could. I’ve also written quite many stories, some fanfiction based on favorite characters, while others were original stories and characters.

What I find interesting is how the ways of vampires have changed. Once was a vampire could not go out in the light of day, was vulnerable to garlic, and often took the form of a bat.

And there’s a difference from story to story (movie to movie) in the vampire’s fangs.


These days, however, a vampire can walk out in the sun, or at least in shaded daylight. Garlic doesn’t bother them, and neither does holy water nor religous objects like crosses. A stake to the heart was often enough to kill one, and, of course, death by sunlight. However, these days it seems, off with their heads is the only real way to keep a blood sucker down, and throwing the body and severed parts into a fire, seals that deal.

And of course, many seem, now, to be less a threat to our species than once was:



Forever Knight’s Javier Vachon








Moonlight’s Mick St. John





Cullen Family


Twilight’s The Cullen Family







Subspecies’ Stefan




Vampire couples are appealing and appearing in more stories: Twilight Jasper and Alice



Alice and Jasper Cullen






True Bloods Bill and Sookie


versus the traditional vampire human coupling: True Blood’s Bill and Sookie





I’ve even seen a series where the vampire was born thus, not brought across by other vampires, like in the original stories.

The one mainstay, of course, is blood. Their food of choice is blood.

So remember, if you want to take a vampire to lunch, tell them to BYOB.




Pictures: from Google Images

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