A to Z Challenge – BRICK

Day 2:

April 2, 2016

The Beta Letter: B


The Brick. This comes under the category of how to make that which is fictional, part of reality. It’s actually something which we (Mr. Quantum and I) have been doing for most of our married life, thus far. I think it started four years after our wedding ceremony.

Just what is IT (other than a Stephen King novel)? You’ve heard of the poem/musical tune, “The Naming of Cats,” right? Well, we have created a tradition affectionately referred to as The Naming of Rooms. That being said, we call our kitchen The Brick.


See, back in the 1990s there was a little series which brought us the joys of small town life, and we had the opportunity to spend time with people (every week) with whom we would very much enjoy spending time were they real rather than characters on a television show.


Cicely, Alaska, referred to as the Rivera of the North, makes one wish they could live in such a place. The collection of folk made that world seem idyllic. One of the main gathering places was the town’s eatery, The Brick.


Having loved the show so much, calling our own little bistro, The Brick, brought more fun to the drudgery of cooking (Later, took on the name, Kitchen Stadium); made us feel as though, perhaps, we were part of our favorite town. Of course it didn’t end there. We named our ‘music’ room, KBHR, after the town’s radio station, and our bedroom, Tranquility Base, after a room in local celebrity astronaut, Maurice Minnifield’s house. What began with a simple brick became a whole town’s worth of rooms!

This wasn’t another hole in the wall, nor was it another BRICK in the wall of communities. This was a living memorial to the program which brought us so much fun.

SIDE NOTE: what do you call a room which keeps changing its name? The Romn Room. Can you figure out what the letters stand for?


A to Z Challenge (April 2016)  – B