A to Z Challenge – The F Word

Day 6

April 7, 2016

The Sextet Letter: F

The F word – FOX

If you don’t know this scene which depicts the first happenstance meeting of two characters:

And if you don’t know about The Shop Around the Corner, and the big bad FOX BOOKS taking over and putting her out of business, then you don’t know F O X, like I know FOX.

Mr. Quantum and I are always finding similarities to our real life love story. No, I didn’t own a bookstore, and he wasn’t the big bad book store chain mogol. Yet this tells the story about a time when meeting on the internet and finding your ‘meant to be’ was tucked in between the seeming tale of woe. It shows us a time when being online did not include a world wide web, but little satelitte ISPs which created communities and was still new and novel, and even held the magic of fairy tale love.

At the end, it begs the question: How can a boy from Texas, and a girl from New York meet online and get married? And how could they NOT have “You’ve Got Mail” as their anniversary movie? In fact in less than a month, we’ll be watching this film for the 18th time on the anniversary of our nuptuals.

When I hear, “You’ve Got Mail” that little announcement AOL used for their notification of a new email. And, when I think of the word FOX, this is the first thing that comes to mind.