A to Z Challenge – The L Word

Day 12

April 14, 2016

The Likely Unlikely Letter – L


Interestingly, I was going to use another word for today. But since I went ahead and called this the ‘likely unlikely letter’ it seems that the Universe knew I was going to end up in a completely different direction.

It was just a regular day; one appointment to keep, and then we were going to head down to Home Depot, pick up some needed items, and eat out at Perkins, since they were all in the same part of town.

Simple, right?

Not so much. The appointment went smoothly, enough – what meeting with an insurance agent ever really goes smoothly? Still, it was just a catch up meeting. Heading out the door, I suddenly found myself falling, and nothing I could do to stop it. Down, down I went, and I could feel several things immediately. My ankle was a world of pain. My knees were burning, as was my arm. Calamity Jane would fit right in that moment. But between the agent and Mr. Quanum, we got me back on my feet, and I managed to hobble to the car door, and get in.

I had no idea whether the ankle was simply sprained, or possibly fractured. I say this because when we were living in Dallas, directly after car accident, I knew my hand hurt, though I was thinking it was a dislocation. It seemed like it. This was perhaps on the same level of pain. No kidney stone level pain, but annoying enough to demand my attention rather constantly. After 8 hours in the ER, the x-rays showed a spiral fracture of my hand. Oddly, I was rather thinking that was cool. I’d only broken my nose before that day.


We drove home from the insurance agent, instead of continuing our day of errands. I could feel it was very difficult to walk. Every step became more difficult. When we got up the stairs (what a long strange trip that was), and I managed to get my boots off, I could see the swelling was significant. My first thought was to try to find out if anything was broken, so I called the medical group, and explained to the operator that I thought I needed to go to urgent care. He was non-commital, and that caused me to end up calling my doctor, where I knew I’d get a machine anyway. I left a message, and called the first number back and asked directly for urgent care. After explaining again what was going on, she connected me (they weren’t going to… what’s up with that?), and the nurse there said to come over. And I managed to get back down the stairs, and I drove us over to the group’s urgent care building.

In we went, and they said it would be just a bit and we’d be seen. There was practically nobody in the waiting room, which was good. Off to x-ray after seeing the nurse, and we had to wait around for those results. Turns out, it was a sprain, and they sent us home with instructions to apply a cold pack every four hours and to keep it elevated. It should begin to heal in days, weeks, (what comes after that, asked Mason) months. Who knows.

So, now I’m LIMPING, which seems to be the least likely thing I’d end up doing today. Just goes to show you. Expect the unexpected.

This is my L Word.