A to Z Challenge – OFF the top

Day 15

April 18, 2016

The Other Letter: 0

OFF the Top

Obviously, this about what is off the top of my head.

Back in Blogging 101, we had warming up/loosening up exercises. I remember this now, because I got lost in my STATs pape and I saw that there was one day which had the most views of all the days of my blogging lives. Of course, I just had to go take a look see what the heckfire I’d written that drew such a crowd.

Well, here is it, that most viewed post.


Speaking of viewed. At the doctors office the results of my treatment were viewed, and Off the top of my head, the day turned out rather positive, because my tests were negative, if you know what I mean. We have to wait another three months to be sure this result remains the same – like the song, and then I’m officially cleared.

Off to see the first episode of the sixth season of The Walking Dead, which I can safely say, I’m not one.




The Monday Music Medicine Show – Dedications

The Monday Music Medicine Show LOGO

Welcome to the Monday Music Medicine Show!

Taking dedications here at The Monday Music Medicine Show

Just drop yours into the comments.

Music is the Medicine in my Soul

I hope yours is as nurturing and healing as mine.

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