A to Z Challenge – Quantum

Day 17

April 20 2016

The Quantum Hermit Letter: Q

Quantum the other half of Hermit


Why is Mr. Quantum called thus? I’m sure, it would come as no surprise that his field of study is physics: quantum, astro, and more recently the particle kind. Remember, he was the one who got me to memorize the Periodic Table of Elements. Science is one the greatest loves and passions (besides me, of course, who is his GREATEST 😉 ) in his life.

His passion for reading might surpass that interest in so far as he has a reading program which boggles my mind; often reading between 10 and 20 books at the same time.

The actual name Quantum Hermit was in use before I ever came to Blogging University. We were part of a rather large group who enjoyed a family friendly pastime referred to as Letterboxing. This is a fun hobby, where you get information on where the treasures you seek are hidden, and, like a scavenger hunt, you find the clues which leads you to the pot of gold. Today, a newer (to me) version is called Geo Caching.

Anyway, when we joined the website, as is the norm, we had to come up with a user name. Quantum – for my love, and Hermit for me (in honor of one of my favorite Tarot cards, The 9th Major Arcana, The Hermit).

I met Mr. Quantum online. Then the internet was not open to the public. We all found satelite communities (Prodigy, Compuserv, AOL, and so on) to gather with others of like interest. And there, in our little ISP, on a day which seemed like any other, we met. It was in a Spiritual forum, and I’d just posted a piece I’d written on a ritual I called “The Marriage of Spirit,” and I received a comment from someone. We struck up a nice ongoing conversation, and developed an ongoing dialog over the next four years.

In 1996, we decided we’d meet. I was up in Wisconsin, at that time, and he was down in Texas. The Astro in Astrophysics refers to Astronomy. This was part of his myriad interests. So it was a ‘sign’ that as I waited for him to arrive, I saw a beautiful shooting star of the Fireball kind head across the night sky. The next one, which we would see together was the following year when we were gathered in New York for our Handfasting. The Universe seemed to be giving us the sign that we were on course.

It was, perhaps, on this very day that we saw that fireball together, 19 years ago. We also seemed to get a rather large nod from the Cosmos when we were able to see Hale Bopp as it traversed the night sky, leaving a trail of dreams, for us, to build our world upon.

When we were happily married, living down in the Southwest, in Dallas, we joined the Texas Astronomical Society. What a time we had!

Without my Quanum, this Hermit would be stuck inside her shell.


http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/  – Q