Mundane Monday – Desert Scape

Happily, I’ve been able to get outside and take some pictures, as the yard is in full Spring makeup. Pho Trablogger gives us this opportunity every week to show off our world in its most Mundane Beauty.


This week I managed to find a veritable desert in the midst of the Greening.



A to Z Challenge – UNION

Day 21

April 25, 2016

The Undeniable Letter: U


The union of a couple is the foundation of a household. Mr. Quantum and I formed ours almost 19 years ago. And that was as far as our new combined minds took that state. But we were soon to learn that there was more than one union we would come in contact with as we began our life together.

At this point, it should come as no surprise, that we have a way of bringing strange and quirky ideas into our world. They often evolve from our playful inner children, who run amok with ideas.

A case in point is our learning that our sweet and beautiful fur babies (Panda, Icarus and Iris) actually had a union of their own. I can’t honestly recall when we learned of this, or by what circumstances it became known. But one day, when one of our kitties became purturbed it was announced that we were going to be reported to The Kitty Union! Q and I looked at each other and wondered what the consequences of that would be. Needless to say, nothing, but it became a way for our cats to let us know that things needed to be changed. Of course all of this was from our own warped minds. I’m sure the cats were all perfectly happy.

Union of Beings began popping up after that. We have three stuffed ‘counter minders.’

IMG_0325It began with a wee lamb who’d been around since before we met. She was front row center on Butcher Block Island in our mobile home. She was supposed to guard the Jello Wall. And she did a good job. When Q would go to take one for lunch, Fluffy (as our little lamb is known) would give him the third degree.



IMG_0324Soon added to the guardians in The Brick/Kitchen Stadium was a tiny stuffed buffalo, called by his Lakota name, Tatanka – Tonk for short. Unfortunately, a rivalry formed and the two would constantly blame anything that went wrong on Butcher Block Island on the other. Of course, we were informed by Fluffy that the Lamb Union would hear about the poor working conditions – having to share duties with a bully of a buffalo.


IMG_0326Since 3 times the charm, of course, a third member of the team arrived one winter holiday, a Yule Mouse named, Miss Mouse (there already was a Mrs. Mouse, but she and all the mouslings were in a different domain, and they never knew of the Butcher Block member). Well, you can imagine that none of them got along with any of the others, and suddenly there were warnings of the Lamb Union, the Mouse Union and the Buffalo Union being informed of the further deterioration within the working conditions.

In time, we managed to give each stuffed being their own island to watch. This was the wonder of moving to a house with plenty of counter space. Fluffy watches over the Spice,  Produce and Cutlery Import Island. Miss Mouse handles the care and protection of Slow Cooker Island, and Tonk, being a mouthy little dude, has been remanded to Mommy Computer Island, and in fact is watching over what I’m typing at this very minute.


This helped solve the number of barbs thrown back and forth – out of sight, out of mind – and lessened threats that Unions were being informed of deleterious situations.

Yes, the Sock Monkey Union, Alpaca, and Alponkey Union was formed beginning three years ago, but we’ve come up with counter measures to ensure there are no threats – THE FACTORY. But that’s for another story.

This post is brought to you by The Union of Animated Fur Babies, and Unions of Stuffed Animals World Wide.

May the Unions be with you, and remember, no matter where you go, there’s a Union watching.


Monday Music Medicine Show – Perfect Union

The Monday Music Medicine Show LOGO

Welcome to the Monday Music Medicine Show!

One of these songs is Mr Quantum’s favorite ‘US’ song. The other is my response to his, or perhaps it’s the reverse… His song is in response to my song… It should be easy to figure it out. Leave your answers in comments please



So my beautiful Monday Music Medicine Show friends, if it pleases you to play, share with us: What song represents you and your significant other? Don’t sweat if nothing comes to mind. Just throw something into the ring. You know I want to hear it! Share it there (your own blog with a ping back), or share it here.

BYOM and  remember: It Don’t Mean A Thing If You Don’t Send That PING!

Music is the Medicine in my Soul and I hope yours is as healing and nurturing as mine!

Singing Smiley