A to Z Challenge – FANGS

Day 22

April 26, 2016

The Variable Letter: V


Male Vampire

Of all the movie ‘monsters,’ the creatures I love the most are the vampires. I imagine it is all about immortality, but also not growing older, either. I can remember some of the movies in days of yore which featured vampires, though most of what I love are more ‘contemporary.’




Watching the movie, “Lost Boys” over and over again comes to mind, after seeing it for the first time.






While vampires generally are considered bad, evil, and a scourage on society, I’ve found my favorite blood sucker in a four hundred plus year old, once Conquistador, whose Sire brought him and a, then, sworn enemy across together, charging them with the duty of protecting innocents.






So many vampire stories abound, and I have read and seen movies and television series on as many as I could. I’ve also written quite many stories, some fanfiction based on favorite characters, while others were original stories and characters.

What I find interesting is how the ways of vampires have changed. Once was a vampire could not go out in the light of day, was vulnerable to garlic, and often took the form of a bat.

And there’s a difference from story to story (movie to movie) in the vampire’s fangs.


These days, however, a vampire can walk out in the sun, or at least in shaded daylight. Garlic doesn’t bother them, and neither does holy water nor religous objects like crosses. A stake to the heart was often enough to kill one, and, of course, death by sunlight. However, these days it seems, off with their heads is the only real way to keep a blood sucker down, and throwing the body and severed parts into a fire, seals that deal.

And of course, many seem, now, to be less a threat to our species than once was:



Forever Knight’s Javier Vachon








Moonlight’s Mick St. John





Cullen Family


Twilight’s The Cullen Family







Subspecies’ Stefan




Vampire couples are appealing and appearing in more stories: Twilight Jasper and Alice



Alice and Jasper Cullen






True Bloods Bill and Sookie


versus the traditional vampire human coupling: True Blood’s Bill and Sookie





I’ve even seen a series where the vampire was born thus, not brought across by other vampires, like in the original stories.

The one mainstay, of course, is blood. Their food of choice is blood.

So remember, if you want to take a vampire to lunch, tell them to BYOB.




Pictures: from Google Images