The Sandbox Writing Challenge #43 – The WHOLE Truth And Nothing But…

In the Sandbox, this week, presented by Lady Calen, over at Impromptu Promptlings, we’re talking about what makes us feel WHOLE.

That’s a good question. But first, I’d have to explore what being WHOLE means. What are the ingredients for being whole?

I thought of two other words which might begin to explain what I think this question really speaks to. Balance first came to mind. When I am (or even just feel) balanced, that means everything is in its place; everything is working, together. There is synchronized motion and being.

Centered is the other word, which may or may not be the same as balanced. I just went to thesaurus dot com and they are not synonyms of each other. But they also don’t actually describe – according to ‘webster’ – the sense in which I’m using them.

When things are balanced in my life, it looks like this: everything is working together, all aspects are equal, nothing is out of place. Now this means squat without knowing that I’m not talking, for the most part, about the physical only. Feeling whole, being balanced, and centered, are abstract on a bigger scale. It is more about how I feel mentally.

There is a Tarot card in a deck I use (my ME deck) called The Wheel:


This depicts the sense of wholeness I associate with the question. The hub is when I’m centered. The ever changing seasons is life, external, as well as internal.

The idea of The Wheel is that there are ups and downs in living. Being able to experience a feeling – whether negative or positive – acknowledge it, accept it but then release it to allow the continuous flow of life and not get into a ‘log jam’ is the goal. It is an ongoing goal in my Earth Walk. When I am balanced, centered, WHOLE, I’ve got, and am experiencing the world; the entirety of living.


Of course, the reality is, I’m always WHOLE, I just don’t know it. It’s all there, all the time. It’s about the awareness of that fact. It has been thus always.