Loose as a Goose

I think I’m right on time being fashionably late… for me at least. *cringes @ the word exercise*

So, let’s see what this loosening up is all about, Alfie.

So here we go! Here’s a “loosening up” exercise from Allen’s book just to get your creative juices flowing. How do you see yourself? Has your perspective of yourself changed over the last year? Have you EVER come into a new understanding of yourself? If so, what precipitated it?

Hmmmm… How do I see myself. With my eyes and through my eyes, this time without rose colored glasses. At the moment, being serious, I see myself as a mess. It happens. There’s good times, and there’s bad times. Wasn’t that the beginning of a book? Oh, wait, that’s “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” TALE OF TWO CITIES. And believe me, that wasn’t pulled out of my head… I turned to the librarian, and he was Hubby on the spot, with a prompt answer.

And isn’t it true… it IS the best of times, after all I made it to now, and that’s pretty fucking good. It also is the worst of times, being as I’m two years more neurotic, in the middle of this blasted cold, which, I may add, was one of those things the weather people got wrong, once again. I’m crotchity, whiny, pissed off, and pouting; and those are the good times. The bad times feel like The Walking Dead, truth be told.

“Has my perspective of myself changed over the last year?” No. Seriously, this has been my perspective for the last 3 score; (See “The Gettysburg Address”). I’ve actually never thought of myself in terms of scores, but it’s new and I can actually use it and maybe confuse some of the young whipper snappers…

Lastly: Have I EVER come into a new understanding of myself?

Over the years, I’ve come to realize new things, through my own evolution. I think that is a natural process. What precipitated these new understandings was experiencing life with all it’s nuances.


If you were asked to choose seven words to describe yourself, what would they be?








If you were asked to choose seven objects that have meaning for you, what objects would you choose?

Old Photographs

My collection of music

My Tarot cards

My mani wheel

My crystals and rocks

My electronic devices and all the accoutrements

My personal toys


If you were asked to choose seven colors that have meaning for you, what colors would you choose?


If you were asked to choose seven places that have meaning for you, what places would you choose?

Serenity = my home


The forest

FOREST Sounds image resize

Oceans/Rivers/ponds/streams – you get what I mean

Machu Picchu







Rowe Sign


Many thanks to Lady Calen over at Impromptu Promptlings for this opportunity