Clockwise and Widdershins


Lady Calen over at Impromptu Promptlings  is speaking my language in this week’s Sandbox Challenge.

We are asked “How does this (picture) relate to my life?”

It is the essence of how I live my life: by the Wheel of the Year.

May the Circle Be Open


The Earth is Our Mother –

Some Wheel Songs:

Solstice Evergeen – Spiral Dance


Ancient Forest – Clannad


Together We – Clannad


Great Spirit – Nahko Bear


Say it in a Love Song

Back in the sandbox, a gift from Lady Calen at Impromptu Promptlings, EXERCISE 11 asks “What makes me feel loved?”

From the title of the same name (see above) I’m saying it ‘In a Love Song’ which makes sense don’t  you think? Going ‘old school’ here since I personally feel that those way-back-when minstrals did not make light of love, and their words embodied that.

SO, ladies and gentle men, I present to you:

The Wind Beneath My Wings – bette Midler


Flying without Wings – Westlife


You’re My World – Tom Jones


Loving You – Elvis Presley


Everything I do – Bryan Adams


Something – Beatles


The Blower’s Daughter – Chris Mann


Unchained Melody – Righteous Brothers


And I love you so – Don Mclean


Nat King Cole – Fascination leads you into the realm of that which attracts, beguiles, delights, and excites me because here we are at EXERCISE 10  in the Sandbox Challenge brought to us by Lady Calen from Impromptu Promptlings, where I am asked: What fascinates me?

Not to be redundant, but MUSIC fascinates me.


by The Weird Sisters – Magic Works



by The Who – Who Are You?



By Denean – As One


by David and Steve Gordon : Power Animals

And yes


Those who have the music inside of them, who bring it to us:

by KITARO – Silk Road


by SECRET GARDEN – Illumination


by Manheim Steamroller – Earthrise (a song we used during our Handfasting)


by Dmitri Shastakovich – Waltz 2


by Albinoni – Adagio


Inspire, Arouse, Move

Last week it was about impressing someone over at the Sandbox Challenge at Impromptu Promptlings

We were presented with a picture which you’ll see if you visit the home of the Sandbox. And we were asked:

“Imagine wanting to impress this person. What would you say about yourself?”

I didn’t care for the picture, so I included my own choice,

because I decided that part of the explanation about this challenge for me depended on who the person was.

So what would I say about myself?

I don’t think it is so much about what I’d tell him about me, but simply to have an engaging conversation.

I’ve actually been in a situation where I’ve interviewed people for a magazine and later for a newspaper. I recall one interview specifically where the conversation was quite stimulating, and I could see that both of us enjoyed it very much. It was really more like just hanging out and exchanging ideas. In that sense, I believe we were both impressed with each other, as a natural outcome of the experience.

So which of the following is more in keeping with the challenge:


I want you to want me… Cheap Trick

What I like about you – The Romantics

If I had you – Adam Lambert

What is life – George Harrison


Perfectly Late

Exercise 8 – Better late than never

Now THIS is going to be easy… sort of. The Impromptu Promptlings Sandbox Challenge hosted by the delightful Lady Calen wants us to tell everyone “what is our idea of perfection.”

I’m sure you know there’s going to be music, right? I mean, I’d be an alien if I didn’t include some. But, where would I be listening to my music? I mean, an everyday humdrum place, like home, in winter, just isn’t going to make it PERFECT. So, where will I be relaxing listening to my music?

I’m thinking: private island

Cozy little cottage in the island:

View from House on Perfect Island


And of course: Food


That being said, the pièce de résistance


Obviously there’s not enough room for all my favorite songs, but here is a sample of my idea of perfection (songs I can listen to over and over again, never seem to get tired of them)

Leon Russell – Back to the Island

AWOLnation – SAIL


Fastball – The Way


Travis – More Than Us


Midsomer Murders Main theme

Glenn Miller – Moonlight Serenade

Just the tip of the iceberg, but you get the idea…