Exercise 22

In the Sandbox Challenge coming from Impromptu Promptlings, Lady Calen poses the question, what makes us feel vulnerable?

Fragile – Sting


Be Not So Fearful – AC Newman


Alone – Heart


Help – Beatles


I want to Break Free – Queen




Take It Away

Exercise BonusFRIENDS:

From my good friend, Lady Calen, bringing us another Impromptu Promptlings Sandbox Challenge, the question is:

What do you wish others would take with them after meeting with you?


That’s What Friends Are For: Dionne Warwick, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, and Gladys Knight


I’ll Be There – Jackson Five


Lean on Me – Bill Withers


You’ve Got A Friend – James Taylor


The Friendship Song – Bruno Mars

Undone is My Middle Name

Over at Impromptu Promplings, our fearless leader, Lady Calen has gathered usĀ in the Sandbox this week for Exercise 21: What have you left undone?

I had considered leaving this exercise undone to show my problem with finishing things. But songs are so much fun!


I forgot Song – Tom Rush