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The Monday Music Medicine Show – Words and Music


Welcome to the Monday Music Medicine Show – THE 42! There was a time when I would use music to write stories and poetry. Even when I journaled, for a short time, back in the early years of Y2K, I would put on songs and see what part of my day came through to me in the tune. […]

Monday Music Medicine Show – Variations on a Theme


Welcome to the Monday Music Medicine Show! Week three of THE 42, continues with soundtrack music. Often, there is a specific theme which runs through soundtracks, thus many of the pieces contain this theme in one form or another. One of my college days favorite soundtracks was from the movie, Serpico, staring Al Pacino. This […]

The Monday Music Medicine Show – Special Edition


Welcome to the Monday Medicine Show! This week, three days from today, those in this country will be celebrating Thanksgiving. Now if you were me, the music synonymous with Thanksgiving would be a song which tells a great story. And in the 2nd decade of my life, this is the story which I listened to […]

The Sandbox Writing Challenge – What’s The Story?


Tuesday Afternoon (from the song of the same name), is here, and I’m looking at the next post which Lady Calen of Impromptu Promptlings has given us here in the Sandbox, for Writing Challenge #10 – What are they hearing about you? There’s a host of pictures she’s posted (click the link up there and check it out) […]

The Monday Music Medicine Show


Welcome to the Monday Medicine Show! With so much new music coming in, sometimes I don’t get to reach into my past and find that golden nugget that I remember as one of those satisfying musicians I’ve wondered about through the decades. Where are they now, a phrase that comes up so often now-a-days, applies […]

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