25 Songs, 25 Days

You may be wondering why this song is showing up here, out of sequence (or you may not, which okay too). Well, I have finally been able to tend to the last day of the challenge, but I wanted to see what day I began this challenge, so as I scrolled down through my ‘search results,’ imagine my surprise (even horror) when I found Day 9 missing! I quickly looked up on the list which I posted on day 1, to see which song went missing.

I give you that which was once lost, that I can happily say is now found:

Day 9 – A song that makes me hopeful

“I believe in the good thing’s coming!” the first line in Black as Night by Nakho Bear and Medicine for the People, makes me hopeful that the world will come together as one, and we will heal the Planet. It makes me feel that the thread has gone unbroken, and that in each generation there are those who represent peace, and that music brings us all together, like in the video. When I see young people following the path that many have walked before them, it’s encouraging, and brings hope.

25 Songs, 25 Days

Day 25 – A song I can listen to all day without getting tired of it.

It’s odd, but when I hit this place, and I considered what they were asking me, I realized, there isn’t a song out there that I could listen to all day without getting tired of it. I mean, there comes a point in repetition where I suddenly realize, if I listen to this one more time, I’m gonna break that blooming record, even, if when I first put it on it was like all the other songs… I LOVE IT. But consider the question. ALL DAY LONG???? It would ruin any song I love, never turning it off.

What’s a music lover, and a girl to do? Fess up, is what. Every song has its point of no return. This is a totally depressing moment! I have no song for you, or me.

25 Songs, 25 Days

Day 24 – A Song I have danced to with my best friend

I’m sure you can guess by now, Mr. Quantum is my best friend. One song we’ve always danced to, when it comes on, is “Crazy.” It’s just one of those songs for lovers.

25 Songs, 25 Days

Day 23 – A song I cannot stand to listen to

The chipmunk Song

I love chipmunks. They’re one of my favorite critters. So that someone pretended to be a chipmunk, and made them sound silly and everything, it just always really bugs me. I actually don’t like animations either. I know, how… something of me.

25 Songs, 25 Days

Day 22 – A song that someone has sung to me

And I Love You So – Don Mclean

A year after we got married, because we spent our honeymoon on Amtrak, we went to Jefferson, Texas on our first anniversary, and we had our wedding on video tape, and we watch it, (and do every year, now, along with You’ve Got Mail, because we met online), as if we were going through it again. Before we began our ‘ceremony’ Mr. Quantum sang me this song. It was a perfect song, from my perfect husband.

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