25 Songs, 25 Days

Day 14 – A song that reminds me of the love of my life

Gosh, there’s so many. But I did have to pick one, and we’d made a tape of ‘our songs’ once, which we had playing during the reception at our wedding.

If I’d had the time, and ability, I’d have made a video with this music as soundtrack. It would begin with two computer screens, (You’ve Got Mail style), since we met online. four years later, we actually met in person, with all manner of mishaps, because, isn’t that just the way things go?

Oddly, it wasn’t until he was heading back home to Dallas, as I stood at the airport window, watching till his plane was just a dot in the sky, that I realized I was crying, that I missed him desperately, and I couldn’t bear that he was leaving my side. We got married eight months later, and will be celebrating our 18th anniversary this year. He’s still my hopeless romanic, and I’m still his.

SO Two Days Ago

V Day meant something else long ago. Certainly before I was even a twinkle in my mother’s eye. Yet, it seems a proper use of the initials for today. Valentine’s Day has been celebrated here in the Quantum Hermit Realm with at least one on-going tradition. We, the quintessential Movie Wheel couple – yes, we have one for almost every holiday, and then some – began our wedded life including a special movie which seemed to personify the romantic story of finding each other across the miles of wire that traverse and criss-crossed this land.

Our story is seen in “You’ve Got Mail.” Yep, we’re a computer couple, who after five years of contact only through forums and email, took it to the next level, which of course, brought us into that Universe of Real Time. What else would be more perfect for Valentine’s Day than another Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan movie? Thus we put into the Wheel Movies line-up, “Sleepless In Seattle.” Of course, there does come a time when new films come into being which speak to us for many other reasons. They are the kind of movies where, no matter how many times we see them, we’re struck with the same reaction, as if never having seen it before! Little things like the first name of one of the characters belonging to one of us as well, and then a birthday pops up in there, and we’re sitting watching, waiting for that magical moment that reveals more of us within its tale. There are other things too, like the BEKINS boxes, and the fact that it takes place in the vicinity where we met in person for the first time.  But it’s all an in-joke, of course.

So now we have alternating Valentine’s Day movies. Simply said, A Sleepless Seattle Lake House.