Mundane Monday – Desert Scape

Happily, I’ve been able to get outside and take some pictures, as the yard is in full Spring makeup. Pho Trablogger gives us this opportunity every week to show off our world in its most Mundane Beauty.


This week I managed to find a veritable desert in the midst of the Greening.



Mundane Monday #54

Pho Trablogger  gives us the wonderful opportunity of looking for beauty in the mundane things we probably take for granted.

Today, I found an interesting mundane object to photograph, which turned out quite interesting:


Mundane Monday #49 – A patina

This week’s Mundane Monday Photo, hosted by Pho Trablogger, as always, challenges us to find the beauty in everyday, normal, commonplace things. I dusted off my file cabinet, and pulled out this photo:


What I liked was the way a close up of one thing could resemble another.  Or is it just in the eye of the beholder?

Mundane Monday #48 – Grid Work

It’s Mundane Monday, on Tuesday, and Pho Trablogger is hosting his wonderful photo challenge: finding the beauty in the mundane.


I found the pattern of the grid work interesting, and how it changes size showing depth.

Mundane Monday #46 – Seeing dots

Today, is not Monday, nor mundane, but I do have a photo for Pho Trablogger’s Mundane Monday’s photo challenge.


Leaf Acne?

Probably not so much, though it brings dis-ease.

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