Better Late Than Never?

Now that it is an hour and 16 minutes into May 5th, I would imagine that the Star Wars Day greeting, “May the Fourth be with you,” will get more of a groan, than a chuckle. Ah well, the vagaries of life lived on the edge, straddling the fence, and always running to catch the bus.

Writing 101 is over. Yes, I groused about most of the prompts, but I think the attempts were more successful than I expected… or I’m living large in the mind…  Anyway, I had been feeling a bit uneasy about the course ending. What would I do next? I’d actually be faced with, what in the world will I do with my blog? What direction will it take?

Enter A Story A Day challenge. Oh yes, The Lovers are on my side. Passions abound, as they have since the early days of this year, when I clicked that button. That was then, this is now, and I’m still going. I drinking at the fountain of creativity, and am drunk on the experience, which has turned out to be so entirely different than I expected. It is so reminiscent of a scene from Defending Your Life:

In the movie, Daniel is sitting in the Tram, on the way to downtown Judgment City, the morning after arriving. An elderly woman sitting behind him says, “Is this the way you thought it would be?. I never thought it would be like this.”

No. Blogging isn’t like I thought it would be. In fact, blogging is like being part of a college campus again, living in a dorm, hanging out in the student union after classes, talking about everything. Blogging has a greater aspect of socializing than even college did. Then, it was face to face, with a million distractions. Now, it’s screen to screen and the focus is intense. The assignments aren’t just doing your own work, but connecting with your fellow students, and suddenly it’s a community. You’re not alone anymore.

Yes, people come and people go. But in the end, we’re all having greater conversations in the comment sections than posts written in our actual blogs. How cool is that?

All of this is to say, this has been an amazing experience, and the people I’ve met, and with whom I hope to continue hobnobbing, have broadened my horizons in a major way. Thank you all, from the hard working leaders in the courses and in the Commons, to the people I’ve come to hope will be there for a long time to come.

You’ve all been amazing and I don’t think I could have gotten through it without you.

Here’s to these days becoming the reality of a favored older song: