The Versitle Blogger Award Part One


Many thanks to Iva Beranek  for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award!

Here are seven facts about me:

1. I could Rhyme
All the time
If I wanted to, that is

It’s sublime
Not a crime
It might make you think, Gee Whiz

All my poems
Are not tomes
Some are shorter, and just prose

Rooster combs
Hen house homes
With silly words, now I shall close.
2.  I don’t recall that I’ve ever counted sheep
Not awake, nor waiting to fall asleep
3. The number three is very special to me.
4. I have lived in five of the U.S. states
5. I wanted to skate with the Roller Derby when I was a young woman
6. I got hit with a puck attending a hockey game back in the ’80s
7.  I have published a magazine in the music business