My Able Gift In Crafting

I must say I like Exercise 26 with a journey into the realm of MAGIC. Lady Calen the magic maker of Impromptu Promptlings challenges us to look to what Magic may enfold us in its embrace.

Part one:  What makes life magical?

This Magic Moment – Jay and the Americans


Magic Works – Weird Sisters


Great Spirit: Nahko Bear


Sound of Sunshine Coming Down – Michael Franti


Part 2: What would your perfectly magical day be like?

MY Magic Man – Heart

IN  My Hawaii: The Rascals



Exercise 25 for The Sandbox Challenge at Impromptu Promptlings, asks the question:

Do you see something of yourself in this little child? If so, what?

(see pic at link above)

Stop dragging my heart around – Stevie Nicks & Tom Petty


The Weight – The Band


Golden Slumbers/Carry the Weight/The End – The Beatles

Things Left Unsaid

Lady Calen, over in the Sandbox at Impromptu Promptlings, is asking the question:

What am I holding onto from the past?

The Living Years: Mike and the Mechanics

The Da Vinci Code

Exercise 23 – THE DaVINCI CODE


The picture over at Impromptu Promptlings for the next Sandbox challenge makes me think of a chocolate bar. But within the design upon the wall is a secret message just for moi. What can it be?

What message just for you is hidden in this ancient writing?


Ani Drolma Great Compassion Mantra


Hanshan Temple Peace music


The Seal Lullaby – Eric Whitacre


Listen to the Rain – Evanescence


Tunkasila – Denean


Exercise 22

In the Sandbox Challenge coming from Impromptu Promptlings, Lady Calen poses the question, what makes us feel vulnerable?

Fragile – Sting


Be Not So Fearful – AC Newman


Alone – Heart


Help – Beatles


I want to Break Free – Queen



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