A Case For The X-Files: Weird Image Wednesday

Thanks to Karl’s Weird Image Wednesday for giving us the opportunity to see the world from a different perspective.

I’d say, seeing the sun out today is weird, but we knew it was bound to happen. Also weird, is that all of those icicles are gone! I thought they’d never leave! They were like homesteaders!

Without a trusty camera to keep me clicking, I had to dig deep into old family photos. And I did find something. In fact, I have no earthly idea exactly what this picture was all about. I mean, first, it’s right out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie! But that weird darkness in the middle of it all…

Event Horizon

I imagine that it’s some photolab glitch, but that still doesn’t explain the birds!


Nature does mathematics sculpture well. Last night that was just a lump of ice, but with the warm breath (temps rose above freezing during the early morning today) of air, the triangle appeared.


This is just outside our dining room window.

Thank you once again to Karl at Learning To Paint for this opportunity to find the Weird in Wednesday!