Between Worlds or How I Survived The Twilight Zone

I have this working theory that when we’re not looking to do something, it just falls right into our laps. There we are, all happy dancing because we found ourselves in Passionland. All is right with the world.

I was going along happily blogging, graduating from Blogging U’s 101 course, and actually registered for 201. I was looking forward to going forward here. But it was not supposed to be, at least not at that moment. Somewhere in the great Blogosphere there were little gremlins heading in my direction, and sure as shootin’ they dropped into my blissful world, and cut the cord; that connection to the internet cord. Even in the WiFi universe there is a connection cord, albeit, an invisible one, and those gremlins feasted on my little laptop and I found myself sitting here, ready to post something or other, but there was this little problem of having to have internet access to do this. It’s not like I could go down to the post office (do you remember the post office? It’s that place that closes on holidays, and Sundays, and raises the price of stamps at the drop of a postman’s hat) and put my blog in the mail.

It was the weirdest feeling, not being able to just get online when I wanted to, and be all busy making posts and reading other’s offerings. But I couldn’t. I managed one or two at the beginning. Then the snows rolled in, making life all the more chaotic. But I wondered, what would I be doing if I was living back before electricity?

In a perfect world, this would have happened in summer when I could go out and not have to trudge through snow that was way higher than corn grows by the fourth of July – you know, knee high by the 4th of July? Never heard of it? Well, take my word for it.

I kept singing, every night before bed, ‘The sun will come out tomorrow,’ and it finally did! TWO days in a row! I was flabbergasted. I didn’t know what to do. But then, this morning when the snows were to return, I couldn’t take it. I grabbed my laptop, jumped in my half car, zoomed down to Mr. PM Computers, and dropped off my ailing connection to the world. And on a whim, as I was passing Best Buy, I did a most spontaneous thing. I just went in, picked up a new laptop and came home. Twelve hours later, I’m here writing this blog. Doesn’t that just sound lovely?

Thus my adventures in Pioneer Living in the 21st century has come to an end.


DO or Die [in 300 words, justify the existence of my favorite person, place or thing. Failure to convince this will result in its vanishing without a trace.]

First (in another universe city) it’s 5 things to be saved, leaving the other precious items to head to the big ‘near and dear’ to me place in the sky. Now it’s having to justify a favorite person, place or thing, or it will vanish without a trace.

The very fact of having to determine what is favorite, leaves other things as ‘less favorites.’ A little too ‘Sophie’s Choice’ if you ask me. How does a person choose what is the most precious, absolute favorite thing in the world?

BUT, what if something has actually, vanished without a trace? Take my internet access (please). Could that be the unrealized thing which, having literally vanished without a trace, turns out to be that favorite thus and such? The weirdness of it all, may in fact, be that it’s a remnant from that strange place called Defying Reason (remember that little town from the Fairy tale Prompt?)

Sometime within the last 24 hours, my internet access, did in fact disappear without a trace. And I think about it. What, of late, has been the obsession which has driven me for the last month? Blogging, of course. But, not just blogging in its traditional form. But writing as a student of Blogging U. It’s been my ‘be all you can be’ mantra; my ‘raison d’etre,’ truth be told. The experience, the return of the beloved creativity, which had gone missing some seven years ago, pulled me out of the ‘winter of my discontent’.

Does the phrase, The Bermuda Triangle come to mind? This time in that great Sargasso Sea of Cyberspace. It vanished simply because I could not justify it soon enough. End of story.

The Key


[Tell us about a teacher who had a real impact on your life, either for the better or the worse. How is your life different today because of him or her?]

Pick a teacher. Any teachcer. So, imagine this. If you had to remember back to last century (doesn’t that sound like ages? Eons? – it feels like it) just how much do you think you’d recall? Okay, sure, I know, so Mr Quantum can remember everyone of his teachers. Does that mean not a one of mine had an impact one me?  Actually I remember names, but the specifics of the people. Not at all. They could have been Schrodinger’s Cat, locked inside that box – or were they? I’ll never know.
So, having to tell you about what kind of impact one had on me; it’s just not gonna happen.

But that means starting off on a wrong foot in Blogging 201, and really, I’m a serious student now. But I had a talk with myself. Seriously. I opened my vid cam, and looked myself straight in the eye and read me the riot act, and my Miranda rights, and… I still ended up with nada.

The vid journal went on about the whole idea of influences, and of course, my mother came to mind. And she was a teacher – of life. And somewhere in my confessions to myself, it hit me. Dude! you’re looking right at the teachers. There’s 78 of them! Hand to head! “I coulda had a V8!” moment.

When I started talking about going in and doing a reading – 1st of the month, and Imbolc to boot – the pieces just started falling right into place. OMB! All my life, (not ALL, because until I was five years old I didn’t really have a clue about teachers; a truly foreign concept) I’d been wanting to find that mentor, who would take me under their wing, and guide my little birdie flappers
to flying. I had some who were memorable. I studied with a Taoist Monk in NYC’s Chinatown. I also studied with one of the groups in the city who followed the great philosopher, George Gurdjieff. Then there was Sri Chinmoy and Pema Chodron, though, the latter was met only through tapes, books, and eventually youtube videos. And the folks I’d met at Womencircles, where I could put a face, as it were, on a tradition that finalized my tri-fold path. All wonderful people, but somehow didn’t seem to crack that shell of mine. I began thinking that I was missing a pretty major point. I think the Monk actually hit upon it once. The teacher is within! And that was quite a revelation, to be sure. Yet, there was still how to actually connect with that higher aspect?

The crumbs of the trail began showing up somewhere around 20 years ago. I’d actually started, and stopped, and started and stopped again, until 2010 when I finally stopped sweeping the crumbs to the curb, and picked them up. It was like suddenly finding that backscratcher and reaching that itch I’ve been trying to get at for ever.

The 78 teachers were kings, and queens, knights and pages, and Majors and minors; a deck of cards which got me to look up at that bright lightbulb of an idea. They were The KEY! And the door they’d unlock was to the kingdom of knowledge buried inside of me.

So, I commenced The Seeker’s Journey. I stepped onto the road less traveled, or trod upon less than the traditional philosophical highways, and byways that prevailed. And what a time I had, splashing through bogs, eating like hogs, and sleeping like logs. Now I get more glimpses into the Mystery School which is myself. I’m making progress, and it is the greatest impact I’ve ever had upon my life.


PROMPT: [This one’s my own, and stems from my post WHAT’S IN A WORD. Put on your thinking caps, and join in the search for the meaning of the word I made up. The word itself if there, but dig further into another link, to find the ingredients which created this word]

Twas the day before Thursday
When I wrote this one.
Make up a word,
That sounded like fun.

As it so happened,
Within was a link
That brought the true meaning
And it made people think.

Oh wow, I thought
A contest’s afoot!
when I got my first answer
it gave me a hook.

People will come,
from near and from far,
To puzzle it out.
Why not raise the bar?

A poll can be done
To think up a prize
All can chip in
Which I think is wise.

So, come ye who dare
To the Alponkey game
Guess what it is
Might be worth some fame!

Music To My Ears

PROMPT: PLAYLIST [Tell us how your week went by putting together a playlist of  five songs that represent it.]

I woke up in heaven… and no, I’m not dead.  This is PROMPT heaven.  Not that I don’t enjoy most of the prompts, because I do, but give me one that says listen to all your music and tell us which one defines the week gone by, and I’m feeling like a kid in a candy shop.

SO, without further ado, and this ado is more than just nothing, I give you my week in six songs:

Seriously folks, when I look in the mirror every morning, I remind myself of, you know that guy from The Rocky Horror Picture Show? What was his name? Igor? Oh wait, it was Riff Raff… What’s worse, is that he’s a him, and I’m a her, and does that seem right to you? Are you still with me? It’s in the title. There, you’ve connected the dots (from the prompt of the same name).

That was an overall, generalized, happens everyday song. So let’s move onto the five songs that speak of how my week went.



I don’t dwell on it, because, well, it was born more years ago than I can remember, but the truth of it is, I brought it on myself. ’nuff said.



There’s a point where we’re faced with, should we go, or should we stay. On the night before the blizzard, I’m thinking to myself, we could go get a hotel room because if we lose electric at the house, who knows how long it’d take to get it back. But the other side of that coin is we’re wrapped in our little cocoon, and we don’t want to move out of it. So, we dance along the edge.


We get through the storm, and we’re safe and sound (okay, maybe not so sound, cause you know that’s not a place I visit too often). But I’m always brought back to the fact that “Two in love can make it… Love was made for me and you” because it’s me and my sweetie in the united we stand place.


Yes, it’s a BIG yawn, and I’m even more tired of it than you might be of hearing about it, but winter has turned nasty, and I’m SO done with it, so I’m Waitin’ On Sunrise aka SPRING.



It takes me time to get started sometimes, but I got on that ‘event’ prompt wagon, and found my way to an imaginary western, or a sorts. The post for that will be following this, so consider this a teaser. What song do you think it might be? Even though Drew Carey says, “the points don’t count,” I’ll award 500,000,000 to the one who can figure out what song might lead to this one 🙂

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