The Wonderful World of Orb Weavers

WARNING: those squeemish about spiders may want to skip this post.
From the research after sighting, on August  1st, in the evening I met a Marbled Orb Weaver! I’ve never seen one, nor heard of one, but I’m really just beginning my journey into this quite fascinating realm.

We were going down to put the recyclables and the garbage out. We go down through the Landing Bay (our well named garage – because when you live on Serenity from the movie and the Firefly Series), you know there’s got to be a landing bay. Anyway, as we rolled open the door, and turned on the outside light, there in beautiful living color was the strikingly beautiful Marbled Orb Weaver, hanging out in her web, waiting on dinner, I suppose. She was stunning, and I managed to get some lovely shots of her, front and back:


Orb Weaver

In the light it appeared to have an almost rectangular web. But as you can see in the pictures, it’s web is definitely an orb. It looks huge. But I think that the camera did enlarge it because I didn’t downsize the pic – WordPress does that for me. In the morning, I was curious to see if it was still there. I thought this, because last year, we had a resident spider just next to our front door, in the window pane to the left of the door. It remained there day and night, and I was surprised that the Orb Weaver had left. On the other hand, I also know that some webs which are constructed in the evening, will often be gone in the morning. I did not expect to see it again. In fact, we had to go out yesterday, so we moved the recycle bin out of the way to pull the car out of the landing bay. I thought I saw our new resident scurrying across the drive way up into the rock garden just off to the right of the bay doors. But the second night, it had returned. And last night, the third night, it had also returned. So I’m figuring it might just hang out beneath the lid, or the underside of the rim during the day.

Tomorrow, we put the bins out for collection for Thursday morning, though if we don’t have lot of recyclables in there, we’ll hold off for another week.

The female measures 14mm (???? not metric savy here) and the male only 10mm. I’m hoping to keep a log of how she fares during this season, and see how long she will be taking up residence here.