Guess What? Day 3

Guess What 3

As the picture becomes clearer,

And the time draws nearer

Taking a page from an early post

Renewing what I’ve enjoyed the most

It’s about reinventing the fun

Following a passion for one

Think of where we all are going

And of the creative seeds we’re sowing

Look around, you might know more

Without even walking out your own front door

CLUE: Does this poem REGISTER with you?

CLUE THE SECOND: check back with clue 2 from yesterday. Pay attention to what I say.


Guess What – Day 2

Congratulations to Kim of Spiral Spun,  who hit the jackpot on this part of the puzzle of Guess What.

Her comment was:
Alphabet City and the song ABC

Because Music is the Medicine in my Soul:

Alphabet City is the correct answer to the neighborhood in New York City.

This brings us to the next piece of the puzzle:

Guess What 2

The key to why this neighborhood, Alphabet City, is named thus: because the avenues in that part of town are named, “A”, “B”, “C”, and “D” … easy peasy, right?

The next question to answer, then, is:
Why is this significant with regard to the GUESS WHAT picture?
What, in fact, does the Guess What picture represent?


It represents something about me. But what?


There is a favorite quote in a movie which Q and I watch every New Years Eve. The quote is, “How many days are you looking at?”

The answer to this is connected to what the picture represents, thus answers the GUESS WHAT puzzle game.