In The Mood For Music

In the Mood for Music offered by the lovely Lady Calen who has a beautiful blog Impromptu Promptlings, picks up the pace with the question:

“Now who was YOUR first musical heartthrob?”

First heartthrob goes to, of course, George Harrison.

GeorgeHarrisonYoungGeorgeHarrisonbwresize  GeorgeHarrisonCowboy


His is a story most people know. I was lucky enough to be able to attend at least three of his concerts, and of course I was front row center for The Beatles first two movies.

Most folks might not know all of the songs George was the voice behind, and of which he was the writer.

George Harrison during his Beatles days:

After his stint with the Beatles, he had a rather notable solo career. The one song which stayed with me the most was “Give Me Love.”

I recall, as we were moving in here, after we got the stereo hooked up, the first thing I put on was a tape; one of my compilations of all the songs I loved. The song which came on first (and I had no idea since I never label things) was “Give Me Love.” I felt like all things of the past 8 years were filtering away, and the house was being blessed with what touched me most. I sat back on the couch in the middle of stacks of boxes, and just listened, and sang, and I knew I was HOME!

An honorable mention would have to be Eddie Brigati of The Young Rascals fame:

How Can I Be Sure – The Young Rascals