The Sandbox Writing Challenge #44 – Oh Yeah

Inspire pic


The Sandbox Writing Challenge #44 — Lighting Up Your World, being presented at Impromptu Promptlings, by Lady Calan, asks:

What inspires me?

This might be a repeat of some or all of the last post with this theme.

At first I thought, nothing’s changed. But today I may have come across a thought while getting into the second of two games I play everyday. Both are similar in structure, and keep me busy taking care of the business within the game.

This kind of inspiration spells CHALLENGE, and extends to the various ‘old world’ games – jigsaw puzzles, Crossword Puzzles and other such leisurely past times, from days of yore.

To an extent, it can include projects in ‘real life’ like decorating a room, planning how to move furniture into the house, and where to put it.

I recall when we were moving into Serenity, there was the question of will we be able to fit two houses worth of furniture into one house? As it turned out, I discovered that challenge brought to light a talent I had – sort of more the ability to visualize – to know how to fit things together.

Inspiration also comes in when I’m learning something new. Beginnings not only excite me, but do inspire me. Last year, in January, I began a new endeavor which we all affectionately call blogging. I was psyched for six months, and dug in and devoted myself to the daily routine of tackling prompts every morning. Month after month, I was manifesting all over the place. Magician Me…


He’s always inspires me.

Which is another thing that fits this bill.

Mornings inspire me. Fresh new days, beginning again, new things to tinker with, new toys, in a sense to play with. New levels of living, evolving, are the result of all this inspiration. Being successful at something propells me toward doing more: ‘the more you do, the more you can do,’ or somthing like that.