PICK THE WORLD! Seychelles


Today we visit: Seychelles

*The music of Seychelles is, and has always been, largely influenced by the instruments and the dance of the people who chose to make their homes here. So where did the Seychellois originally come from? Everywhere! This is why we call our country “the melting pot of cultures.”

JAKIM – MET PARE – seen below bringing his music to us

*From the arrival of our early ancestors, regardless of their origins, Seychellois were convivial people – friendly and always looking for a good time. Like our people, then, the mix of musical (and dance) styles adopted and created by Seychellois people reflects the diversity of cultures that exist harmoniously, influencing one other and often overlapping.

Kanmtole dancing – Listen and see if your feet don’t get to tappin’

Seychelles traditional dance

*Instruments in Seychelles The African settlers brought with them the bomb (also spelled “bonm”) and zez. Both are instruments with a single string. They also brought drums made of animal skin. The bomb and zez are solo instruments. Traditionally they were most often played on outer islands, where musical entertainment had not previously existed. Songs and lyrics that accompanied these instruments were slow and soft in nature and usually described island life in that era.

*Information from Wikipedia

*The introduction of the drum also inspired Sega music
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LtTAao2tO0, which included a bare-footed dance around

a bonfire.