A to Z Challenge –

Day 20

April 23, 2016

The Thematic Letter: T


Somewhere before I got married, I bought a Tarot deck. I don’t know why, and I didn’t really do anything with it. But it came with me wherever I went, and was the start of a collection that would grow over the years. I bought, one after the other, here and there, but never did a thing about it.

I remember, I got a book which I hoped would shed some light on the how to of Tarot. And I began a tentative course of learning. I don’t know why I stopped but I’m easily distracted, so it’s likely something else came along and took my attention.

When I was living down in Texas, home alone while Q worked, I found one of the decks, and opened it, and took out the book that came with it and began to make sense of it. In fact, that deck had come with an audio tape of the instructional kind. So I put the tape into my stereo audio tape slot, and listened, and tried to figure it out. The problem was, at that time, one of our beautiful fur babies had thrown up on the deck. Blech. WHO wants to use a deck with throw up on it? So, away it went. I did, however, sign up at Tarot dot com. I got lots more info, and found many more things to play with. I’d already had a set of iChing coins, and enjoyed playing with them.

But I got my first opportunity to really look at the many Tarot decks available, and read up on how they could be used. This brought me to another site, Aecletic Tarot dot net where I really began working with cards. At first, I spent a few months just perusing the forum threads, and then I started to look through all the decks because I was determined to pick the deck I wanted to begin my education with. Where were all these other decks, you ask? Somewhere packed away. We’d moved from Texas, and we were living with half of our stuff still packed and stored in our shed.

I found the perfect deck – for the moment:

Robin Wood Deck

The Robin Wood Deck (cover)

And it came with an acompanying book (not just an LWB – little white book)

Robin Wood book

Robin Wood Tarot – The Book

This time I really immersed myself in learning, still hanging out AT Forum, and began meeting, then working with my cards. It was a very exciting time. Unlike when I was in school (the earlier years) I was ready to learn. And for two years, I read, and kept a journal for all my readings.

The reason, I figured out, why Tarot? was to connected directly to my inner path, and the fact that I learned that all of the information I needed for my Journey, was within me. But I needed a way to tap into that information. Tarot was the key, and the tool.

But all good things must come to an end, even if just temporarily. Full time care taking of my father at the end of his days would take up all my time. But I’d learned so much, and come across so many MORE decks which appealed to me that when the time came to continue my studies, I’d be able to almost pick up from where I left off.

Back in the days of Tarot Dot Com, I’d found a Tarot site which held a rather more appealing deck of cards. Now I’d already worked with The Robin Wood deck for perhaps three years. In that hiatus from learning I’d found this new deck, but it was a special edition and out of my price range. Still, a more ‘standard’ deck was going to be released, and I bought it, along with a few other decks.

When Q and I were near the end of our move from Charlotte Grove to our new digs – my inheritance – Serenity, I had been already receiving the newsletters from the Gaian Tarot Deck website for a couple of years. The deck designer and a Tarot teacher was offering a course. Tarot 101 for Beginners. I decided it was time to open that deck which I’d put aside when I bought it, and I signed up for that online course.

What a world opened back up. I was in my element (pun intended), and happily back in the world of study.

For the next year I worked with my new deck (I’d made a pact with myself that if I opened a deck, I’d work with it for a full year before moving on to the next):

Gaian Tarot

Gaian Tarot book (left) and Box (right) with face up and face down card.

The course was well worth the time and money, and I’ve learned a great deal, and met some wonderful people within the Gaian Soul Group, with whom I’ve remained in touch.

Even Mr. Quantum got his own Tarot deck – The ALICE Tarot (of Wonderland fame). And is quite a good reader, though he doesn’t spend much time with his cards at present.

My Extensive Collection:

Tarot Collection

Fenestra Tarot

Gaian Tarot

Greenwood Tarot (OOP)

 Hansen Roberts Tarot

Hidden Realms Tarot

Legacy of the Divine Tarot

Prediction Tarot

Rider Tarot

Rider Waite Tarot

Robin Wood Tarot

Wildwood Tarot

I also have Oracle Decks, but that is for another time.

My journal, used when meeting The Robin Wood cards, is in the middle of the table, and has the words on the cover, “Don’t Quit!”

Hence, I keep on moving forward.