A to Z Challenge – More Than Zero

Day 26

April 30 2016

The Zone Letter: Z


In the world of literature and movies there has been a huge uprising of morphing characters from the likes of vampires, warewoves, and other monsters, not to mention Terminators. All very interesting. But what if a person could shape shift – male to female, and back again – or vice versa? Regardless of anything else, it certainly would give us all a better way to understanding the opposite sex.

Zerophilia is such a movie; a 2005 romantic comedy film with speculative-fiction elements directed by Academy of Motion Pictures’ Student Academy Award-winning director Martin Curland and produced by Microangelo Entertainment. It is about a young man who discovers that he has a genetic condition which will cause a change of sex following each orgasm.

I came across this movie through Netflix. It is likely it came to my attention because of an actor, Kyle Schmid. I first saw him in a vampire movie, “Blood Ties.”

So when Calen wrote about the alternate universe idea, of what if we were able to write the story of us in an alternate universe, my thoughts turned to, what if I’d been born male?

Obviously it will take a far greater amount of time and space to get into that speculation, but I found the idea exceedingly appealing.



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