Sandbox Writing Challenge 32 – When You’re Smiling The Whole World Smiles With You.

Impromptu Promptlings, hosting once again, The Sandbox Writing Challenge, at the capable hands of Lady Calen, wants to know what would cause us to put on a happy face; what would make me smile the way the woman in the photo feels. Go take a look the door is right there, two lines above.

A lot of things make me smile like that. It speaks of great happiness, with the aw factor. Music, without a doubt, has that affect on me. And pictures can do that, like when I was over at Mary, from Walking My Path blog, reading her Equinox post, and the little prairie dog made me go aw. Her entire post was so wonderfully whimsical.

Being out in Nature is chock full of moments that brings out oos’s and ahh’s. Seeing a flock of geese flying overhead, or a chipmonk sneaking up on our deck to check out something, and even if it is depicted in film rather than being able to experience the moment in person, watching an Orca breach the surface of the ocean, will get a smile from me.

Many movies, in fact, bring on a smile like that; the excitement felt when there is a part of a movie that comes up, which has connections to specific things in our lives. An example. There’s a movie called The Lake House, which has so many things in it, from one of our birthdays showing up somewhere in the story, and one character had Q’s name, to the fact that the moving company was one we used during the move of my ‘stuff’ down to Dallas, where we would be living. And the magic of the love that unfolds within the movie. It never seems to get old.

Reminiscing on our anniversary, about the things that happened on that first night together. Watching our wedding tape with all the moments, and then going to the actual place where it was held, and walking around, sparking some forgotten moments.

Watching Television with our amazing talking sock monkey, not only makes me smile, but has me in stitches.

And I do believe, when you smile, the whole world smiles with you. It’s as contagious as a yawn.

The Sandbox Writing Challenge 31 — Sage Advice

There’s a picture of a young boy over at Impromptu Promptlings, which we’ve been asked by the lovely Lady Calen to use to answer the question:

If you were to tell this boy what you value most in life, what would you say?

My first thought was (and is) that I value Nature; that if not for Nature, I would not be here to write this post. We are all part of Nature, thus all of the important people in my life are of great value to me, and the relationships which ensue from them. Then I thought that more important than simply to value something, is respecting it. I have respect for and value all life.

Still, there are many other things, as well,  that I value, like things which bring joy into my life: love, music, wonderful friends. I value my five senses. With out them, life would take on a different palor. So I also value the ability to adapt to situations; the ability to learn, (knowledge) and being able to appreciate things.

Of course, there are many more things of value – not material, but rather these belong to my inner dwelling.  I tend to see this as an ever evolving part of my life, and is transformative.

This is not the end; it’s the beginning.

The Monday Music Medicine Show – Words and Music

The Monday Music Medicine Show LOGO

Welcome to the Monday Music Medicine Show – THE 42!

There was a time when I would use music to write stories and poetry. Even when I journaled, for a short time, back in the early years of Y2K, I would put on songs and see what part of my day came through to me in the tune. The ability of music to create a mood was very helpful when I would sit down to write.

This piece, as seems to be the norm for many things in my playlist, was found in an episode of a show I was watching.

Close your eyes when you click play and listen, then write about what comes to your mind while listening. What images do you see? What story does it tell?

So my beautiful Monday Music Medicine Show friends, if it pleases you to play, share with us: A piece of music which takes you on a journey. This will allow those of us listening to see where that music take them. We can have a musical story swap meet.

You know I want to hear it! Share it there (your own blog with a ping back), or share it here.

BYOM and  remember: It Don’t Mean A Thing If You Don’t Send That PING!

Music is the Medicine in my Soul and I hope yours is as healing and nurturing as mine!

Singing Smiley

The Monday Music Medicine Show

The Monday Music Medicine Show LOGO

Welcome to Monday Music Medicine Show!

I was listening to my playlist – as usual – while making breakfast, and thought, what song will I use for today’s Monday Music Medicine Show? I decided it would be the last song I was listening to when I shut off my mp3 player to eat. I just looked at what song was on when I turned off my mp3 player.

This group has been a favorite of mine over the years. One song in particular even won an honorable mention in my post for the 25 songs 25 days challenge, a song I love to sing-a-long with. That is actually the last song I thought I listened to because it probably is my favorite of theirs and had been playing before the one I’m offering here.

An interesting memory comes up when I think about this song, which I don’t recall what the connection would be, other than I was listening to it then. I was sitting on a plane waiting for take off, from San Francisco to New York, in 1988.

I hope you enjoy today’s choice:

So my beautiful Monday Music Medicine Show friends, what is a song was the last you heard before reading this post – or perhaps while reading it? What memory does it conjure up for you? Share it there (your own blog with a ping back), or share it here. I know I’d love to hear it.

BYOM and  remember: It Don’t Mean A Thing If You Don’t Send That PING!

Music is the Medicine in my Soul and I hope yours is as healing and nurturing as mine!