25 Songs, 25 Days

Day 21 – My Favorite Song

As it so often happens, after I dig through the piles of things because I just can’t settle on one, I get off my duff and search for that one elusive song which I remember with such fondness that there is an ache in my heart because I have not been able to find it.

I’d written down a few songs which I wanted to use to replace a duplicate (which in itself should have told me, if it was duplicated, it might mean it’s THE ONE.) HA!

What it meant was that I didn’t remember I’d put it in there, until I went through them and saw it was already in at the top of the list. Nuff said about that.

Point is, one of the songs I remembered from my childhood, from my mother’s record collection, felt so important to find. I mean, within the last year, from a tape recording of all the songs I’d collected from my mother’s records, this was the one which I was unable to find, was unable to even put on the tape. But I remembered it, because it was something so much more special. I considered that it might have felt that way simply because I could not find it. You know that one about that which got away.

So I’m sitting here, searching through Youtube for the URLs for the songs in my list, and suddenly that song pops into my mind. I stop and think about where in the house have I not yet searched.

I felt, as if in a trance, when I got up, and walked into the Romn Room. I peeked inside, switched on the light, and stared at what I already knew was in here. Then I scanned the top of the nearest surface, piled high with things which needed to be gone through. Yet I knew it was not there almost right away. I was thinking too small (45rpm). I felt like I’d just opened Tutenkomen’s Tumb, looking around at treasures from a time long gone. I walked slowly through, my eyes carefully watching for that elusive butterfly.

Across the way, in the opposite corner, on the bottom shelf of a bookcase, where I’d kept my own records when this room had been my own bedroom, I recalled there was still one group of LPs which I had not yet gone through.

I pulled out a chair, that was at a secretary desk, which was actually blocking the way to that bottom shelf. I sat down, the light not overly bright, but gazed at the albums. I pulled a couple out; recognized them. My heart began beating faster. Was I nearing this gem? This precious item? Ten albums pulled, remembering days back in the city house, my hands placing long playing records on a turntable, and bringing the arm over to rest on the selection I wanted to hear.

I reached a group of albums in which this song would have been a part. Three pulled out, turning them over, reading the back cover for the name. Not there. Then a fourth. The yellow cover, with the big red lettering, so familiar! I turned it over, and saw the name of the song! Could it be?

Taking the record, I walked out of the room and down the hall to our turntable.

The label looked familiar, and I placed the record on the spindle, lifted the arm and rested it on the outer edge of the record. It turned, and that wonderful vinyl whitenoise sound filled the air, then disappeared as the first moments of music flooded the room. This was it! I turned off the light, and sat in the dark, letting the music fill me. And it did, and thrill me in the same way I remembered it always had! And I KNEW, this WAS my favorite song.

I fully expected after having found my 42 songs, that I’d do that wild and crazy thing of playing each one, but sitting there, and drinking in the melody, I realized, I’d done it.

I understand the possibility that this build up may leave all of you sitting on the edge of your seats, waiting to see what could possibly be my actual most favorite song, above all others, may let you down.

My hope is that within the notes of 101 Strings, you will understand.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: Malaguena – Soul of Spain

Trust me, I will NOT leave you hanging. Tomorrow, I’ll begin putting up “the meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything” – The 42.