The Sandbox Writing Challenge #44 – Oh Yeah

Inspire pic


The Sandbox Writing Challenge #44 — Lighting Up Your World, being presented at Impromptu Promptlings, by Lady Calan, asks:

What inspires me?

This might be a repeat of some or all of the last post with this theme.

At first I thought, nothing’s changed. But today I may have come across a thought while getting into the second of two games I play everyday. Both are similar in structure, and keep me busy taking care of the business within the game.

This kind of inspiration spells CHALLENGE, and extends to the various ‘old world’ games – jigsaw puzzles, Crossword Puzzles and other such leisurely past times, from days of yore.

To an extent, it can include projects in ‘real life’ like decorating a room, planning how to move furniture into the house, and where to put it.

I recall when we were moving into Serenity, there was the question of will we be able to fit two houses worth of furniture into one house? As it turned out, I discovered that challenge brought to light a talent I had – sort of more the ability to visualize – to know how to fit things together.

Inspiration also comes in when I’m learning something new. Beginnings not only excite me, but do inspire me. Last year, in January, I began a new endeavor which we all affectionately call blogging. I was psyched for six months, and dug in and devoted myself to the daily routine of tackling prompts every morning. Month after month, I was manifesting all over the place. Magician Me…


He’s always inspires me.

Which is another thing that fits this bill.

Mornings inspire me. Fresh new days, beginning again, new things to tinker with, new toys, in a sense to play with. New levels of living, evolving, are the result of all this inspiration. Being successful at something propells me toward doing more: ‘the more you do, the more you can do,’ or somthing like that.



The Sandbox Writing Challenge #43 – The WHOLE Truth And Nothing But…

In the Sandbox, this week, presented by Lady Calen, over at Impromptu Promptlings, we’re talking about what makes us feel WHOLE.

That’s a good question. But first, I’d have to explore what being WHOLE means. What are the ingredients for being whole?

I thought of two other words which might begin to explain what I think this question really speaks to. Balance first came to mind. When I am (or even just feel) balanced, that means everything is in its place; everything is working, together. There is synchronized motion and being.

Centered is the other word, which may or may not be the same as balanced. I just went to thesaurus dot com and they are not synonyms of each other. But they also don’t actually describe – according to ‘webster’ – the sense in which I’m using them.

When things are balanced in my life, it looks like this: everything is working together, all aspects are equal, nothing is out of place. Now this means squat without knowing that I’m not talking, for the most part, about the physical only. Feeling whole, being balanced, and centered, are abstract on a bigger scale. It is more about how I feel mentally.

There is a Tarot card in a deck I use (my ME deck) called The Wheel:


This depicts the sense of wholeness I associate with the question. The hub is when I’m centered. The ever changing seasons is life, external, as well as internal.

The idea of The Wheel is that there are ups and downs in living. Being able to experience a feeling – whether negative or positive – acknowledge it, accept it but then release it to allow the continuous flow of life and not get into a ‘log jam’ is the goal. It is an ongoing goal in my Earth Walk. When I am balanced, centered, WHOLE, I’ve got, and am experiencing the world; the entirety of living.


Of course, the reality is, I’m always WHOLE, I just don’t know it. It’s all there, all the time. It’s about the awareness of that fact. It has been thus always.

The Sandbox Writing Challenge #42 – A Fim Divided

I’m really undecided about this question Lady Calen over at Impromptu Promptlings has posed this week:

DIVIDED Challenge

What divides you?

First thought: WTF?

Second thought: I’ve never been good at division.

Okay, now, getting serious: Everything

Really, I’m always torn between things. I want to do this, but I have to do that. I’d prefer to just go live on a tropical Island somewhere, with no electricity, no nothing. Just me and he and our insane little family of critters.

But I can’t. So I’m divided between who I want to be, and who I have to be.

That’s only the HALF of it.

The Sandbox Writing Challenge #41 – Seduces Me

This week, over at Impromptu Promptlings, Lady Calen presents us with quite the thought provoking question:

What other worlds entice me?

Not that I’m not part of Nature, and that I don’t get out in the midst of it as often as possible, but that is a world, apart from my daily reality, which entices me. Communing with the Green Ones is something I wish I could do continuously. But, of course, living life includes having to tend to ADL, which takes me away from being outside.

Still, there are also different other worlds which call to me, so much so, that I answer. I’ve mentioned this first one often. It is a world which speaks to me on a integral level, but also a world which Little Girl Lost gravitates to, now that she’s out playing.

A second version, came into being, which has captured my heart, and has turned out to be rather more challenging:

When I’m giving my inner child the reins, of course, one passion leads to another, and I’ve recently discovered Paradise Bay:

My mind still goes back to Middle Earth, which has reigned supreme as the idyllic world – apart from the fighting. The seeming simplicity of the life of Hobbits, made it a wondrous world.

And the magic brought by the Elves:

I’ve made lemonade out of the rather disturbing lemons of life, and I don’t mind that it is a virtual beverage. After all, it was in Virtual Reality that I met my wonderful Knight in Shining Armor and to whom I am wed.

That’s the thing about books and film.  Ed Chigliak, in Northern Exposure put it best. Film is “White man’s medicine.” And I find that to be so for myself.

P.S. Holy Michael Allouicioius Finnegan! This long strange trip its been through the nightmare alley of wordpress commenting these last days, brought me to yet another world which beguiles me. The Alternate Universe! YES, that draws me in beyond belief. It just hit me.

What would my life have been were I aware of the alternate universes in which this life is lived a million other ways? Who would I have been, how would I have felt? What about time travel? Now THERE’s a lure if there ever was one.

The Sandbox Writing Challenge #40 – Tally The Votes

Over at Impromptu Promptlings, Lady Calen has brought back memories with The Sandbox Writing Challenge #40 — Survivor


What makes you a survivor?

This one seems almost too easy.

My first thought was, I’m still here, aren’t I?
My second thought was that no matter how scared I am, or how difficult it is, I keep on going, and manage to (bungle my way) get through.

But I suspect that they want to know what resources do I tap into that help me over the hard spots.

Of course, there’s fear of dying, which pushes me to do what it takes to stay alive. It could be thought of, I suppose, as a survival instinct. It’s not thought out, and often I just don’t think it will work out in the end. But some how it does.

Then there’s my stubbornness. That has carried me through many really difficult moments.

I’m not sure what part of me these abilities come from. If that is the point, I’m still searching for the answers. This would definitely be in the next review as TBC.

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